As self-confessed foodies, we appreciate how important this is for many Headwater regulars, so we guarantee you'll eat well on all our holidays! In regions where self-drive is popular, we also offer a complimentary wine pick up service where we'll collect any purchases you've made whilst cycling and have them transported to the boot of your car.

Gastronomic meals and local wines

We place huge importance on the pleasure you can gain from sampling local cuisine, so great food and fine wines are essential to all our holidays. When hand-picking hotels, we seek out passionate chefs who source local produce and experiment with menus according to what's fresh and in season.

In our holiday descriptions, we have tried to give a clear indication of the sorts of dishes you can expect to be offered. In some places, menus revolve around traditional recipes handed down over generations - robust, wholesome meals, packed with flavour, and using only the highest quality ingredients. Elsewhere, menus can be lighter and refined, with delicate courses exquisitely presented.

Breakfast is included at every hotel we book, although what's provided will vary greatly from country to country. As a minimum, you will be offered continental style drinks/ breads/ pastries, however in some of our *** and **** hotels, you can expect lavish hot and cold international buffets.

Lunches are usually left to you - although we do include these on selected guided walking holidays. Where lunch is included, it will either be a picnic or a light lunch in a local cafe/restaurant. On holidays where lunch is left to you, we will always give you recommendations of places to stop and eat en route, or on where you might like to go to make up a picnic. Most of our hoteliers are also happy to provide a packed lunch providing that you give them sufficient notice.

In the evenings, meals are nearly always included - unless you are staying somewhere with lots of local restaurants to choose from. Again, menus vary enormously from country to country, however you can expect a minimum of 3 courses - often 4 or 5 - with dishes reflecting the best of regional cuisine. If fine dining is particularly important to you, then perhaps consider one of our gastronomic holidays where we have included gourmet menus on every night of your stay.

On independent holidays, you will always be offered a table suited to the size of your party; on guided holidays, meals are usually enjoyed as a group. If you are travelling alone, and are concerned about a lack of company at meal times, we would advise you to book a guided holiday.

Perfect for food lovers

Perfect for wine lovers

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