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Cycle Your Own Tour de France

Starting in Brest on the 26th June and ending in Paris on the 18th of July, this year’s Tour de France sees contestants take on gruelling routes in the Alps, a double ascent of Mont Ventoux and plenty of Pyrenean climbing before flying past the finishing line. However, that sense of achievement when you’ve completed […]

Pedal the Possibilities on a UK cycling holiday

Cycling is one of the best ways to explore a new destination. Discovering regions on two wheels lets you go further, faster, giving you ample opportunities to stop and linger in places that interest you, be it a local food market selling fresh produce, a fascinating Roman ruin or an inviting tearoom overlooking a fjord-like […]

Find the flavours in these 4 European destinations

When creating our interest-packed itineraries, we ensure that we guide you towards some of the best local culinary experiences across the UK and Europe. As avid food and wine aficionados ourselves, we understand how important it is to experience fantastic street food delights, rural fare and well-renowned restaurants while exploring the heart of a given […]

5 gin-loving destinations and their storied past with the spirit

Out of all the spirits in the world, gin has arguably the most storied past. Today, gin is known as a distilled alcoholic beverage that derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries (Juniperus communis) and forms the basis of some of the world’s most popular cocktails including the dry martini, the bramble, Negroni and much more. […]

5 Destinations Where You Can Absorb The Ambience

At Headwater, we love to soak in the sights, sounds and smells of our surroundings. Over the last couple of decades, we’ve carefully handpicked and fine-tuned our characterful accommodations, local restaurants and historical places of interest in our itineraries that allow you to fully discover the very heart of a destination. When it comes to […]

Our Top 5 Cycling Holidays for Beginners

It comes as no surprise that cycling has grown immensely popular over the last year or so, with everyone eager to explore closer to home. Not only is cycling increased cardiovascular fitness and decrease stress levels, but it also is a great way to be able to go further, faster, leaving you more time to […]

Our Top 5 Best Walking Holidays for Beginners

If you or your travelling companion are first-time, self-guided walkers, our Headwater Walking Holidays offer excellent choices for beginners. So, what are the benefits of booking a self-guided walking holiday? We explore it here: Why go self-guided? With a self-guided walking holiday, you are in charge of where you go, what you see and when. […]

5 Destinations Brimming With Local Culture

When we think about local culture, we think of a destination’s rich history; ancient traditions that unite the locals; home cooking passed down from generations and a sense of local pride in the unique wildlife you may see in their region. Delving into a destination’s local culture allows us to see the beauty of a […]