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4 Must-See Sites in Wales

At Headwater, we’re proud to live in a nation steeped in centuries of fascinating history and tradition. We believe that one of the best ways to discover all of the hidden gems, charms and distinct local flavours the United Kingdom has to offer is on foot and by bike. This is why we’ve carefully designed […]

Headwater At Home

Like much of the country, our Headwater team have been fully working from home for the past month. It’s an unusual situation for our team, who love nothing more than a good catchup over a cup of tea in the Headwater office, but we’ve all been finding our own ways to adjust. Here’s what some […]

4 Things We’re Looking Forward to After Lockdown

The world is slowly returning to some semblance of normality. Loo rolls have returned to shopping aisles, although bread flour and eggs remain conspicuously absent. And while many of us at Headwater are longing for home baked goods, all of us have been reminded of how fortunate we are to have enjoyed the beautiful countryside, […]

The Headwater Guide To Keeping Fit At Home

Many of our Headwater customers are keen walkers and cyclists – but when you’re unable to take long leisurely afternoon strolls or head out on a day’s bike ride, what other options are there for keeping active? There are many ways to keep active while heeding the government’s advice of social distancing. Whether it’s simple […]

COVID-19 and Travel: Your Questions Answered

Chances are, you’ve read the headlines and seen the news broadcasts, and you might be overwhelmed right now with the amount of information (and misinformation) regarding coronavirus – or COVID-19. If you have travel plans on the horizon, you may well be concerned about what the imminent future will look like. We’ve pulled together some […]

5 Top Places to Eat in France

France is well-known for its gastronomic delights. It’s the home of classical cuisine, paired with a history of fine wine. Headwater aims to give each of its guests a true insight into a country’s local culture and the cuisine forms a large part of that experience, which is why each hotel and restaurant is hand-picked […]

Banish the January Blues with our Top 5 Blue Destinations

When it comes to “Blue Monday”, many see it as a National Awareness Day that surrounds post-Christmas blues, dark nights full of mince pie regret and a general sense of gloominess. However, here at Headwater, we want to turn this concept on its head and look forward to planning unforgettable Walking and Cycling holidays in […]

Best British walks to get fit for your Headwater holiday

Preparing for the adventures in store on your Headwater holiday, whether that’s hiking or cycling, should go beyond making sure you’ve packed enough clothes. To get the most out of what’s to come, achieving a moderate level of fitness is the best way to maximise your time away. To help, we’ve collated a selection of […]