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We offer GPS route navigation through our Headwater Navigation App on a selection of our walking holidays, so you can fully immerse yourself in our wonderful destinations without the need to stop and look at a map. Whether you're walking past exquisite villas and landscaped gardens on our Walking at Lake Como holiday or strolling across Portugal's unspoilt coastal paths in the Algarve's Wild West, our practical, interactive app allows you to discover fascinating points of interest at your own pace, effortlessly.

  • Free app for iPhone and Android
  • Live GPS mapping
  • Interactive 'point of interest' information
  • No wifi needed and no data charges
  • Easy to use

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How it works

With less need to stop and look at a map while you're walking, you are left with more freedom to soak up your surroundings and enjoy the walk! Filled with navigation details that will help orientate you with your new surroundings, our app also includes detours to places of interest and recommended places to stop off for lunch! Our app is specifically designed to guide you towards amazing scenery, fascinating architecture and quaint little villages. There are no audio cues on our walking routes, unless you want them of course. The next turn pops up when you need it on your screen, like bite-sized chapters of a story.

If you'd like to find out more about the Headwater Navigation App simply give us a call us on 0044 1606 720199.

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If you'd rather use conventional maps

We think that the Headwater Navigation App and our carefully created routes are the perfect combination for a relaxed walking holiday - and much better than struggling with a conventional map. No need to stop at every junction to check where you're heading, always up-to-date, no folding and unfolding of maps and no tatty bits of paper to lose!

If you're still not convinced then we can supply you with printed maps and detailed step-by-step route notes. They follow the same routes and have all the information you will need to get from A-to-B.