Electric bikes explained

E-bike holidays

What is an E-bike?

Electric bikes (e-bikes) are a revolutionary new development in the world of two wheels. They're much the same as your ordinary bike, but with the additional benefit of a small electric motor to help you make light of longer days or any hills along the way.

They're easy to use – all you need to do is flick a switch then pedal the same way you would on a traditional bike and you're off and away! In fact, e-bikes have proved so popular in various countries that many commuters have adopted them as their day to day transport.

Read our blog "A Beginners Guide to E-Bikes" if you'd like to find out more!

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Benefits of using an e-bike

E-bikes provide all the benefits of a normal bike - gentle exercise, fresh open air, interaction with nature and other cyclists – and you'll be able to cycle further, faster, tackle steep climbs and ultimately discover more places than you thought possible.

  • Hills become a breeze – the bike senses how hard you're pedalling and provides a little extra push to help you tackle the hills and enjoy your ride
  • Longer days made manageable – let the motor take care of the momentum on those longer days, enabling you to take on longer routes
  • No worries about your fitness – if you're not a regular cyclist, the e-bike takes the strain out of consecutive biking days
  • Ease of use – the lightweight removeable battery can be conveniently charged overnight so you're all set for the following day

E-bikes are the perfect solution for people wanting to share holiday experiences, but who don't necessarily share the same levels of fitness. The motor gives you an extra push and requires less legwork than a standard bike which allows you to keep up with even the most ardent cyclists. Having power assistance means you will be able to comfortably cycle further too (if you wish), meaning more places are within visiting distance.

Hiring our e-bikes

E-bikes are available on many of our holidays, usually at a small supplement. You can reserve as many bikes as you require for your party. E-bikes tend to be heavier than regular bikes due to the extra weight of both the motor and battery pack and there may be some age / height restrictions on particular trips. Look out for the e-bike symbol in the holiday search results and the individual holiday pages. Numbers are limited and they're available on a first-come first-served basis, so if you're keen to try them out then do make sure you book early.

Although our e-bikes are easy to use, they are heavier than regular bikes and as such are better suited to proficient cyclists. We do not recommend these for anyone out of practice on a bike. Please contact us to discuss their suitability for any members of your party.

Please note: Bike styles may differ from the examples shown.

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Holidays with e-bikes as standard

On a selection of our cycling holidays, electric hybrid bikes and electric mountain bikes are provided as standard due to the mountainous and/or hilly terrains, to help make challenging climbs easier to tackle. On our Hilltop Villages of Provence with E-Bike trip, you can explore the scenic Village des Bories, the perched village of Menerbes and the multicoloured village of Roussillon with ease thanks to our electric hybrid bike. If you'd like to discover shimmering turquoise waters along the Coast of Smeralda in Sardina, the hybrid bike gives you that added boost on your inland climbs to San Pantaleo where you can browse artisan markets and local cafes.

When it comes to our Walking and E-Biking in the Swiss Alps trip, you'll use our electric mountain bikes that are designed to take on steep, unpathed ascents, like the route from the river Kander to the Gasterntal, a classic glacial valley in the Bernese Oberland. Our itinerary also takes you on beautiful climbs and steep curves uphill from Kandersteg to the Usser Ueschinen and on towards the high alpine meadows of Allmenalp, where your e-bike will be put to good use.

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