Cycling Holidays

Cycling maps and notes

Our route directions provide clear, in-depth turn-by-turn instructions, highlighting landmarks, distances and any potential confusing turnings, so you can be sure of a relaxed journey by bike. We also include detours to places of interest and places to stop off for lunch.

Route checking

Our local agents and route-checkers cycle the routes and itineraries regularly on every one of Headwater’s self-guided cycling holidays to make sure that all aspects of the trip are as described. Occasionally, cycle paths are diverted or restaurants close, but our thorough checking of details will give peace of mind to customers that routes have been adapted and updated. At the start of your holiday, where you have a breifing, our local agents will point out any last minute alterations and will also offer advice on how to get the best from your holiday.

GPS route navigation

Similar to a car sat-nav system, we now offer GPS route navigation on most of our cycling holidays – meaning less need to carry large paper maps and directions and more time to enjoy the journey.

Discover more about our GPS route navigation and how this exciting new addition can enhance your Headwater cycling holiday.

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