Walking ratings explained

Walking activity levels

One size does not fit all

What's challenging for one person can be leisurely for someone else. This is what makes grading the activity levels so tricky. So, while it's not possible to always be precise about how easy or difficult an activity will be, our activity ratings have been carefully created to give you a practical guide as to what you can expect so you can enjoy your active holiday...

How do we grade the holidays?

When assigning an activity level to a holiday we consider factors such as ascent, gradient, distance, as well as the nature of the terrain and even the destination itself.

Why the +?

We use the + symbol on a few holidays; this is just letting you know that some small sections of the route will be slightly more challenging than the overall grading.

Can't we make our mind up?

You'll also notice that on some of our holidays there are more than one Activity Level. This is done on purpose and indicates that there are a choice of routes at either level shown and you are free to choose between routes on a day-by-day basis.

Need a little more help?

If you're not sure which activity level will be best for you, just give us a call on 0044 1606 720199 and we will be more than happy to help.

Leisurely - Level 1

Suitable for anyone who is reasonably fit and healthy, enjoys the occasional weekend walk and can walk around 10km on any given day. Trails are seldom totally flat so you should be prepared for contouring, which can involve short, steeper sections; others will include gentler, but longer ascents/descents. There can be an altitude change of up to 400m on some days, but a head for heights is not necessary.

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Moderate - Level 2

These are for anyone looking for walks of around 8-15km and are confident with daily ascents/descents of up to 700m. You don't need specific walking experience; however, good health and reasonable fitness are important. There may be some sections on uneven terrain where scrambling could be required. On certain holidays, you will need a head for heights; however, this is specified on the holiday pages where applicable.

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Stretching - Level 3

Fitness is important as you can expect to be walking for 10-15km per day, including up to 1,000m ascents/descents and with fewer rest days. Where applicable, experience of walking in mountains is preferable, and you should have a reasonable head for heights. There is likely to be some scrambling required, although don't worry it won't be rock climbing. Not suitable for under-12s.

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Challenging - Level 4

Building on level 3 requirements, fitness is important as you can expect to be walking for up to 15-25km per day, including up to 1,200m ascents/descents. Routes will often be at high altitudes where climate and remoteness can also be a factor depending on your chosen destination. Previous trekking experience is desirable, but not vital if you are confident of your physical condition. There is likely to be some scrambling required or challenging elements. Not suitable for under-12s.

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