Cycling Holidays

Cycling activity levels

One size does not fit all

What's challenging for one person can be leisurely for someone else. This is what makes grading the activity levels so tricky. So, while it's not possible to always be precise about how easy or difficult an activity will be, our activity ratings have been carefully created to give you a practical guide as to what you can expect so you can enjoy your active holiday...

How do we grade the holidays?

When assigning an activity level to a holiday we consider factors such as ascent, gradient, distance, as well as the nature of the terrain and even the destination itself.

Why the + ?

We use the + symbol on a few holidays; this is just letting you know that some small sections of the route will be slightly more challenging than the overall grading.

Can't we make our mind up?

You'll also notice that on some of our holidays there are more than one Activity Level. This is done on purpose and indicates that there are a choice of routes at either level shown and you are free to choose between routes on a day-by-day basis.

Need a little more help?

If you're not sure which activity level will be best for you, please just give us a quick call on 01606 218851 and we will be more than happy to help.

Thinking of hiring an e-bike?

The grading levels below are not based on you using an e-bike. This is because e-bikes provide welcome assistance when those pesky climbs come along or allow you to ride that bit further to discover more places. They are easy to use and can be a helpful boost to supplement one's fitness level. However, due to the motor and battery they tend to be heavier and their assistance means you need to be confident that you are in complete control. If you are thinking of hiring an e-bike then look for the logo where e-bikes are either included or an optional upgrade.

Leisurely - Level 1

Gentle routes, often flat but with the occasional short climb and freewheel descent! On average, you should expect to be cycling for 20-60km on each cycling day. The distance is hugely dependent on the elevation and terrain. These are a great choice for first-timers, families with children, anyone who hasn't ridden a bike in years, or those wanting a relaxed break with plenty of time to explore or enjoy the pool.

View our leisurely cycling holidays

View leisurely holidays

Moderate - Level 2

Expect more undulations on these trips. The more varied terrain will appeal to the fair-weather cyclist or to the more active rider looking for a relaxed trip. You can expect a climbing up to 660m in a day, over a distance of 20-90km. Generally, a bit more distance would mean a bit less climbing as a result, and vice versa. It is your holiday after all! No special technical skills are required but must be good health and reasonably fit.

View our moderate cycling holidays

View moderate holidays

Stretching - Level 3

We would recommend you be a regular, confident cyclist to enjoy this more demanding level of holiday. The days cycling will tend to be on longer, more challenging routes with distances up to 100km. The routes will also be hilly, some with longer climbs meaning you can expect to the day elevations to be between 400-800m. As such, riders are required to have a good level physical fitness.

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View stretching holidays

Challenging - Level 4

Our challenging trips require a good level of fitness and for you to have confidence in your ability on the bike. They will be tougher routes, with longer distances and steeper inclines and declines, which will appeal to a more experienced cyclist. The routes could be up to 120km, with some good elevation gains of up to 1000m in a day. Please note, E-Bikes are generally not suitable for Level 4 holidays.

For mountain-biking trips, previous experience is essential as they will involve some technical off-road riding.

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