We're with you all the way

Our overseas team is made up of local partners and walking guides, overseas agents and hoteliers. We also employ a team of bike technicians, researchers and quality controllers to check that everything is running like clockwork, and to make any necessary improvements. It is this level of service and attention to detail that we believe makes a Headwater holiday superior to any other of its kind.

Walking guides and local partners

Walking guides and local partners have overall responsibility for the smooth-running of our guided walking holidays. In some cases, your guide will have been running walking holidays in the region for many years, and will be employed by us for his/her wealth of local knowledge and contacts. In other places, we have resident Headwater walking guides whose in-depth understanding of our customers is fundamental to the continued success of our holidays. All our walking guides and local partners have first-class skills in leading small group holidays, and all are fluent in the language of the country where they live and work.

In more remote and far flung places, we usually choose to work with overseas agents whose local expertise adds more to the holiday than we could hope to achieve on our own. Again, these have all been hand-picked by us and we only work with those we consider to be the very best in their field.

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