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On our brand-new Tours, we've carefully selected must see regions that we believe deserve a 'slower discovery'. Designed to be a little less active, and a little more focused on cultural sight-seeing at your own pace, our Tours allow you to dedicate more time to uncovering the unspoiled corners of a destination. We've also included some authentic local experiences to help create even more wonderful memories along the way.

These independent Tours are designed to be less strenuous than our classic self-guided trips, allowing you more time to indulge in wine tastings, cooking classes, river cruises, scenic railway journeys and cultural sightseeing. On our exclusive Tours, you can enjoy a guided tour of the iconic Alhambra in Granada, an unforgettable river cruise on the Portuguese Douro, explore the unique rock churches and caves of Matera, embark on an adventure up Mount Etna, and cycle to renowned vineyards & Chateau in Provence. Dedicate more time to uncovering the unspoiled corners of each destination, taking you away from the everyday.

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