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In a world increasingly driven by gadgets, gizmos and Google©, it's easy to overlook the importance of 'real' people.

Of course we must move with the times - our recently re-vamped website and sophisticated computer systems are invaluable business tools - but we go out of our way to make sure that old fashioned service levels are not forgotten either!

Take a look below at the people who keep the Headwater wheels turning.


Tina James

  • Title: Managing Director
  • Headwater since: March 1991
  • Favourite holiday: New Zealand '09 with husband Mike.

Alison Scott

  • Title: Marketing and Product Director
  • Headwater since: June 2016
  • Favourite wine: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Teodora Tzvetkova

  • Title: Digital Marketing Executive
  • Headwater since: June 2015
  • Favourite food: Baklava

Charlotte Hudson

  • Title: Creative Content Executive
  • Headwater since: August 2016
  • Dream man: Tom Hardy (her boyfriend is called Tom, so she’s getting closer!)

Melanie McAnaw

  • Title: Marketing and PR Executive
  • Headwater since: December 2004
  • Favourite quote: "the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile!"

David Martin

  • Title: IT Manager
  • Headwater since: June 1989
  • Favourite food: anything that's sweet or bad for you!


Christian Locke

  • Title: Head of Product
  • Headwater since: October 2015
  • Favourite drink: a nice crisp cider!

Michelle Roberts

  • Title: Product Executive
  • Headwater since: November 2002
  • Favourite food and drink: anything spicy, washed down with a glass of something fizzy.

Charlotte McCutcheon

  • Title: Senior Programme Manager
  • Headwater since: May 2004
  • Favourite drink: a good malt whisky!

Alessia Francini-Beaumont

  • Title: Health and Safety Manager
  • Headwater since: April 2008
  • Favourite book quote: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye" - The Little Prince.

Heather Godbert

  • Title: Senior Programme Manager
  • Headwater since: April 2002
  • Favourite food: Pizza - very well researched when living in Italy in the 1990s!

Calvin Yates

  • Title: New Product Development
  • Headwater since: January 2011 in the office (12+ seasons as a rep)
  • Favourite quote: "I spent all my money on women and beer, the rest I squandered" - George Best, Legend.


Michelle Ventre

  • Title: Sales Team Manager
  • Headwater since: January 2017
  • Retirement destination: Lake Garda.

Karen Ross

  • Title: Sales Consultant
  • Headwater since: August 1998
  • First mountain climbed: Snowdon at age 6!

Donna Webber

  • Title: Sales Consultant
  • Headwater since: December 2013
  • Favourite quote: "When nothing goes right, go left".

Morgan O'Hanlon

  • Title: Sales Consultant
  • Headwater since: August 2015
  • Favourite country visited so far: Laos.

Megan Wyatt

  • Title: Sales Consultant
  • Headwater since: October 2015
  • Dream man: Alex Pettyfer! ❤.

Dionne Sidlauskas

  • Title: Sales Consultant
  • Headwater since: January 2017
  • Favourite drink: raspberry mojito!

Jo Chaplin

  • Title: Senior Sales Consultant
  • Headwater since: May 2007
  • Favourite food and drink: Italian food and Prosecco!

Kerry Briers

  • Title: Sales Consultant
  • Headwater since: July 1998
  • Favourite drink: a glass of fizz, complete with a 'popaball'!

Helen Hodson

  • Title: Sales Consultant
  • Headwater since: November 1998
  • Favourite drink: vodka.


Mike Wheeler

  • Title: Operations Manager
  • Headwater since: September 1999
  • Favourite hobby: skiing!

Emma Davidson

  • Title: Customer Operations Team Leader
  • Headwater since: January 2015
  • Travel industry experience: started in 1993, so 24 years!

Sarah Eves

  • Title: Customer Operations Advisor
  • Headwater since: December 2006
  • Favourite drink: a nice cold Pinot Grigio!

Stephanie Marlow

  • Title: Customer Operations Advisor
  • Headwater since: November 2015
  • Favourite drink: Pina Colada!

Lisa Gillman

  • Title: Customer Service Cordinator
  • Headwater since: December 2006
  • Favourite quote: "Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them." - Kevin Stirtz

Clare Redhead

  • Title: Commercial Manager
  • Headwater since: June 2000
  • Favourite food and drinks: Sunday roast and a glass of fizz!

Karen Yates

  • Title: Systems Support
  • Headwater since: February 2013
  • Favourite drink: Brewdog Vagabond, or any cocktail!

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