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E-bikes are a revolutionary new development in the world of two wheels. They're much the same as your ordinary bike, but with the additional benefit of a small electric motor to help you make light of longer days or any hills along the way.

Cycling Made Easier

E-bikes are easy to use - all you need to do is flick a switch then pedal the same way you would on a traditional bike and you're off and away! In fact, e-bikes have proved so popular in various countries that many commuters have adopted them as their day to day transport.

  • Longer days made manageable - let the motor take care of the momentum on those longer days, enabling you to take on longer routes
  • Hills become a breeze - a little extra push helps you tackle the hills and enjoy your ride
  • No worries about your fitness - if you're not a regular cyclist, the e-bike takes the strain out of consecutive biking days
  • Ease of use - simply charge the battery overnight and you're all set for the day ahead.
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What's the Consensus?

Here are what some of our travellers have had to say about their e-bike experiences:

"Most enjoyable holiday. Lovely rural scenery and e-bike's a revelation!!"    

"Overall it was a great ride for us as it showed how enjoyable e-bikes can be as we still got plenty of exercise to justify eating the amazing 4 course meals; enjoying the famous local wines and enjoying the company of fellow Headwater travellers."  

"Even with a few challenging cycling moments (especially the visit to Chateauneauf from St Sabine) it is hard to cycle off all the beautiful food and wine taken on board! The e-bike was much appreciated by one of our party to help with some of the longer climbs."  

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