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5 tips for ordering coffee in Italy

Coffee is an important part of the Italian culture. The locals enjoy the delicious beverage with friends or family during a coffee break known as ‘una pausa’. Ordering it isn’t as simple as you’d think; with many variations it’s a good idea to be clued up about what you should and shouldn’t say. Headwater’s short […]

200 years of bicycle design – infographic

To celebrate 200 years of the bicycle, we have created an infographic portraying the changes in design throughout the years – from the first-ever bike, the ‘Dandy Horse’ running machine in 1817 to the high-wheeler Penny Farthing in 1878 and the modern e-bike that’s still used today. Which one is your favourite? Take a look […]

Q&A: Tina James, Headwater MD

Time at Headwater: 26 years. Role: Managing Director. Favourite Headwater holiday: Undiscovered Southern Catalunya Cycling.   1. What are your main responsibilities at Headwater? Essentially, the buck stops with me. I am responsible for the performance of the company, and overall strategy. I make final business decisions, implement the company policy (and any changes to it) as […]

Walking the Breathtaking Hautes-Pyrénées

Many hikers are drawn to the stunning Hautes-Pyrénées region of France; with its sweeping valleys, high mountains, dramatic canyons, lakes and waterfalls – it has everything the discerning mountaineer and sightseer can possibly want. A walking holiday through the area will take you through the beautiful Lesponne Valley; past the Pic du Midi, one of […]

Top 12 rooms with a view

Location, location, location! Immaculate vineyards, erupting volcanoes, pounding ocean waves and mighty mountain ranges – just some of the spectacular views Headwater customers will enjoy this summer when staying at our finest-ever collection of hand-picked hotels. 1. The Amalfi Coast is renowned for its sensational scenery: mountains dropping into crystal blue seas, towns clinging vertiginously […]

Move over Tour de France – it’s the Pour de France!

Fancy trying the Pour de France? Take a look at our holidays exploring the wine regions of France by bike to recreate it for yourself.

Our top holiday moments of 2016

No matter where you travel to, there are guaranteed special moments to be experienced. Whether it’s enjoying a spectacular view during a picnic stop, chatting to locals as you’re passing through a pretty village, or cherishing the feeling of the coastal air through your hair as you whizz along on your bike…on a Headwater holiday […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Cross-Country Skiing: Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our Beginner’s Guide to Cross-Country Skiing. Alessia Francini-Beaumont, our resident cross-country skiing instructor, has given you a general overview of the winter sport and taught you about the best techniques, now you will find out what to pack – from equipment to clothing. This is the final part of her guide, so happy skiing […]