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Walking the Breathtaking Hautes-Pyrénées

Many hikers are drawn to the stunning Hautes-Pyrénées region of France; with its sweeping valleys, high mountains, dramatic canyons, lakes and waterfalls – it has everything the discerning mountaineer and sightseer can possibly want. A walking holiday through the area will take you through the beautiful Lesponne Valley; past the Pic du Midi, one of […]

Through the keyhole: Headwater’s quirkiest hotels

Do an internet search for “the world’s quirkiest hotels” and you’ll see a magnet-shaped hotel in China, a converted former Jumbo Jet in Sweden and ‘spirit spheres’ (posh treehouses) in Canada. At Headwater we hand-pick each of our hotels and there’s one or two below that we think would give these a run for their […]

Best places to see waterfalls on a Headwater holiday

The rushing and gushing of water is somewhat therapeutic, even the tinkle of raindrops on a window is enough to send many people to sleep. A waterfall is in a league of its own – the way gravity pulls the water from the mountain or cliff edge is magnificent to watch and marvellous to photograph. […]

Top tips for photographing waterfalls

Waterfalls are some of nature’s true marvels. For a start they come in all shapes and sizes with no two the same. From the country straddling behemoths of Niagara, Iguassu and Victoria to the iconic beauties of Skogafoss, Angel Falls or Plitvice Lakes, they inspire wonder and awe. Even the simplest mountain stream can captivate […]

8 reasons why you need to visit Portugal

With a population of just over 10 million people, Portugal is a small country where you can experience contrasting landscapes, colours and cultural heritage in one visit. But don’t just take our word for it; we met up with Elsa Mendes from the Portuguese National Tourist Office to get her take on what makes Portugal […]

6 places to head with the family on a golfing holiday

So, what’s the latest in the golfing world? Well, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games golf tournament is under discussion at the moment because of the venue’s policy on not allowing female golfers to be full-time members. Very discriminatory, if you ask me. And in more light-hearted news, singing sensation Ed Sheeran has just revealed how […]

Why the Dordogne could well be France’s best family destination

There’s a reason why Brits feel a familiar sense of home in the Dordogne. This south-westerly department of France has a distinct air of the Cotswolds about it whilst it manages to retain the notable Southern French joie de vie approach to life. It’s not hard to soak up the good vibrations in this region […]

5 reasons Chianti should top your 2018 holiday hotlist

The holy Mecca for wine enthusiasts the world over, Chianti began cultivating the grape before France had even thought about it. This region between Florence and Siena in Italy’s sunny midriff has grown an unassailable reputation for great wine and holds a year-round homage to the drink that has formed its way of life for […]