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4 quirky New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world

Sparklers, party poppers and champagne at the ready – it’s almost time to bring in the new year! But does every country welcome the New Year in the same way? Let’s take a look at the traditions of four countries who like to celebrate a little differently… Germany In Germany they tend to prefer a quiet New Year’s, […]

5 wacky Christmas dinners from around the world

Christmas is a time for celebrations; a time for getting together with loved ones to eat, drink and be merry. Here in the UK, the traditional festive feast consists of a golden skinned turkey, a glistening joint of ham, goose-fat roasties, mounds of seasoned vegetables and gravy – and of course, everyone’s favourite tasty treat, […]

Where’s hot in February for a walking holiday?

February 2017 is probably going to be a month of change for you. The motivation for your new year’s resolution will have slowly but inevitably decayed into nothing, and maybe you’ll be taking your last step into Europe as an EU citizen. One thing remains constant though: the cold. The gigantic claw of old Mother […]

5 most breathtaking sights on the island of Madeira

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an object that isn’t immediately enhanced by having the word ‘Madeira’ before it. Madeira cake is delectable, Madeira wine is outstanding, and Portugal’s Madeira islands are a treasure trove of wonderful sights. Here are five reasons why your flight ticket should feature the word ‘Madeira’ this winter. 1. Monte Palace […]

Canary Islands: Beauty Beyond the Booze

It’s nearing the end of November and we’ve all started twiddling with the thermostat again to keep up with the ever-changing and unpredictable British weather. Welcome to the Canary Islands – where the weather is pretty much constant all year round. Now, we know what you’re thinking, but we’re here to prove that there’s a vast, […]

4 Reasons to go Birdwatching in Portugal

When thinking of Portugal, it’s much more likely that images of beaches, mountains and custard tarts will enter your mind before those of birds. The link between birds and Portugal for some extends only as far as Saturday visits to Nando’s, and as such it is often overlooked as a viable birdwatching destination for those […]

A World Search for Winter Snow

If you’re still playing the waiting game with the summer weather, it’s probably time to cut your losses. Again, the temperatures struggled to graze 30 degrees this year, which does nothing to quell the temptation to look further afield in the future. The snow is soon to deftly grace the northern half of the planet, bringing […]

Madrid: A Capital to Indulge in

Anyone lucky enough to have been in Madrid on the night of May 28th would have felt a city rocking beneath their feet. Fans of both of Madrid’s gargantuan football clubs set the Spanish capital alight as Real Madrid met Atlético Madrid in a pulsating Champion’s League final, despite the football action taking place in […]