January 2021 - The Headwater Moments Travel Blog

6 Countryside cycling routes we’re dreaming of getting back to

A cycle ride along the country lanes is an excellent tonic to feeling reinvigorated. As your mood brightens, the gentle breeze keeps you cool and gives you a lift along the way as the scenic landscape rolls by like the backdrop to a feel-good film. We’re still dreaming of the time when we can go […]

7 Enchanting Countryside Walks in Europe to put on your wish list

Taking care of our well-being is vital right now, and one excellent way to brighten your outlook is walking in the countryside. Not only does it give you the chance to get some fresh air and exercise, but it also allows you to get to know local areas much closer; the history, the culture and […]

5 Unforgettable castles to see on your next cycling holiday in Europe

In view from afar, as you cycle towards the mysterious castle silhouette on the horizon, curiosity is sure to pique as to what tales will unfold upon your arrival. With the breeze giving your speed a little lift, taking a bike allows you to soak up that little bit more of the gorgeous landscapes that […]

6 Spectacular castles to visit on your next walking holiday in Europe

Castles emit a sense of wonder; an intrigue of the stories their walls have seen over hundreds of years. Predominantly poised overlooking the countryside, their panoramic views are breathtaking while the historic mystique is utterly captivating. Below, we share 6 of our best castle trips to inspire your holiday plans. Brighten your lockdown and book […]