December 2020 - The Headwater Moments Travel Blog
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Be Inspired by our Best-Selling Headwater Holidays

At Headwater, we’re passionate about travel and love finding new, intriguing and beautiful places to show our guests. So, we can’t wait to be able to get out and start exploring again! If you too are keen to plan your next travelling adventure, we’ve got some excellent inspiration for you. Below we share some of […]

Discover fascinating areas close to home by bike

Choosing a cycling trip in the UK provides a fantastic opportunity to explore more widely the magnificent blend of cultures and gastronomies that have emerged from an intriguing history of these fabulous islands. Go self-guided with Headwater, and we’ll take care of the logistics, providing everything needed to discover these magical places so you can […]

Discover fascinating areas close to home on foot

Situated as a gateway between Europe and America, the British Isles have a unique and fascinating history, and, over the centuries, have developed to be a melting pot of different cultures and gastronomies. Embarking on one of our self-guided walking holidays is an excellent way to discover the treasures of these countries, allowing you to […]

Best places to cycle with a seaside view

Few things are as invigorating as freewheeling along a coastal path. So, why not let the sea breeze cool your face and the gentle murmur of the waves provide a harmonious soundtrack to your next cycling holiday. We believe that a cycling break would be the perfect way to start 2021, leaving you energised and […]

Reasons to take a walking holiday by the sea

There is something about being by the sea that brings a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquillity. From quietly lapping, azure blue waters to the thunderous crashing of mighty waves, this immensity of nature conveys a carefree sense of freedom that allows the stresses of daily life to fade away. So, what better way to […]