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Marvellous Madeira

Less than a four-hour flight away from the UK, Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago of islands located 520km off the north-west coast of Africa. Its temperate climate provides year-round sunshine. The exotic colours of the flowers stand out from among the rich blue seas and the emerald green vegetation, making it a haven of natural […]

Sampling the Delights of Alsace

Straddling the border with Germany and Switzerland, France’s picture-perfect Alsace region is an absolute gem, not to mention a wine lover’s dream! A beautiful fusion of French and German influences, the Alsace offers a cultural experience not to be missed, with fabulous cuisine, wine, architecture and local traditions. The geology and geography of Alsace make […]

From Candy to Couscous: Four of Europe’s Most Unique Food Festivals

When it comes to food festivals, Europe has some of the most weird and wonderful in the world. Offering a bounty of nourishment, and a rich and assorted history to boot, it’s only natural to celebrate them in some fittingly bizarre ways. Here are four of the best from the continent we call home. La […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Cava

There are few sights more welcome at a party than a chilled bottle of Cava. One of Spain’s finest exports, this delicious sparkling wine can be found in most supermarkets for a very reasonable price. Of course, like most wines, there is much more to Cava than meets the eye, with all sorts of varieties to choose from.

5 Reasons You Need to Go On a Winter Holiday

Picture winter in the UK: hectic Christmas shopping, de-icing the car every morning, and a whole lot of wind and rain. Not much to write home about, is it? Many of us go away in the summer, but the winter months are actually a great time to escape somewhere special.  These five reasons are sure […]

Pairing Food and Wine in France

Some people say a good food and wine pairing is like a good wedding: it brings together a dish and a drink, which have a good balance of tastes and textures. When it’s well done, it’s a bit of magic… However, pairing food and wine requires quite a good knowledge of wines and ingredients. In […]

A taste of European café culture

This week is UK Coffee Week so we’ve decided to take a look into the different café cultures across Europe – and we’ve been quite surprised at how much you can learn about the locals and their traditions simply by spending time drinking coffee! In France, it’s usual to start and end the day with […]

From alplermagronen to zopf – our guide to Swiss cuisine

With a record 110 Michelin-starred restaurants – representing a 30% increase since 2010 – Switzerland is hot on the heels of its gastronomic neighbours when it comes to high-end eateries! Historically, Swiss menus have largely been influenced by French, German and north Italian cuisine, with each “cantons” adding its unique twist to Alpine recipes passed […]