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Holidays in The Loire

Our holidays are in Touraine, in the heart of the Loire Valley. Here, the very best of all that you associate with the Loire is concentrated into an area of a few precious square kilometres. Still, as you'll see, there are quiet byways and little-known corners!

The Loire Valley has a special place in the affections of visitors to France. It has one of Europe's most congenial climates. It has the famous Chateaux of the Loire (far more of them than most visitors ever see). Fruit, vegetables and other food grown in the Loire are of the very highest quality, and eating out, you can expect consistently high standards. The Loire vineyards produce a bigger variety of wines than any other wine region in the world, always delicious and in good years, amongst France's greatest vintages. And it's easy to get to (just an hour by TGV from Paris).

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