January 2017 - The Headwater Moments Travel Blog

4 reasons you should visit Austria

Bordering Germany, Switzerland and Italy; Austria quite regularly doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Its position slap bang in the middle of Central Europe is one of its most endearing features, as in the past it has been a land of great strategic value and eventful history, acting as it does as a gateway to […]

The Two Faces of Norway: Summer or Winter?

Norway’s got a bit of a tough man reputation about it. Everyone’s huge, bearded and they consume beers by the flagon, right? You’d expect nothing less from this ancient Nordic country that shares the same latitude as Alaska, Iceland and the far north of Siberia. Well essentially, the beards and the flagons only come out […]

Discover France: 5 fascinating facts

64,668,129. That’s how many people live in France today. It’s a population roughly equal to England’s. And though our two cultures have shared a similar thread, and a tumultuous history, there’s plenty to distinguish this great nation. Let’s explore: 1) It has a historical legacy France was a major stage in the rise and fall […]

8 reasons to visit Valencia

Famed for its orange groves and tasty national rice and seafood based dish, paella, the Valencia region is great for those who like good food. Valencia is also the third largest city in Spain, and in the city and surrounding areas is packed with culture, nature and history. Let’s take a look at eight reasons you should […]