March 2016 - The Headwater Moments Travel Blog
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Marvellous Madeira

Less than a four-hour flight away from the UK, Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago of islands located 520km off the north-west coast of Africa. Its temperate climate provides year-round sunshine. The exotic colours of the flowers stand out from among the rich blue seas and the emerald green vegetation, making it a haven of natural […]

5 minutes on the Amalfi Coast

We caught up with Luigi Esposito, resident guide on Headwater’s Amalfi Coast Walk, to see why working in one of Europe’s most picturesque corners ticks the job satisfaction box…   How long have you been a Headwater guide and what made you choose this job? I’ve led Headwater’s Amalfi Coast Walk for the last 5 […]

Sampling the Delights of Alsace

Straddling the border with Germany and Switzerland, France’s picture-perfect Alsace region is an absolute gem, not to mention a wine lover’s dream! A beautiful fusion of French and German influences, the Alsace offers a cultural experience not to be missed, with fabulous cuisine, wine, architecture and local traditions. The geology and geography of Alsace make […]

From Candy to Couscous: Four of Europe’s Most Unique Food Festivals

When it comes to food festivals, Europe has some of the most weird and wonderful in the world. Offering a bounty of nourishment, and a rich and assorted history to boot, it’s only natural to celebrate them in some fittingly bizarre ways. Here are four of the best from the continent we call home. La […]