Travel by Train Collection for Cyclists

We've curated a collection of train travel trips that feature a selection of our cycling holidays where you can enjoy the option of booking your return journey by train. Not only does travelling by train make your return journey part of your holiday experience, but it's also an environmentally friendly alternative to travelling by air. Why not take the time to see a different side of Europe, on a direct, high-speed train that takes you to central locations throughout the continent? All you need to do is sit back, relax and soak in the spectacular views.

If you're wanting an unforgettable adventure on two wheels, take a train to Amsterdam and ride towards the famous flower fields near Haarlem and traditional cheese markets on our Pearls of Holland cycling. Or why not pedal along the turquoise coast past medieval villages and peach orchards on our Contrast of Catalunya cycling? Travel to the heart of each destination with convenient train station locations across Europe and talk with a member of our team so they can assist you with scheduling your return journey for a truly seamless travel experience from the UK.

If you'd like to take the scenic route and plan a return journey by train, take a look at our collection of trips that allow for seamless train travel or visit our blog for more inspiration.

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