Enchanting trails

There's nothing quite like taking a relaxing walk in the countryside. Following quaint rural lanes, wandering beside babbling brooks and taking brisk walks along the edges of lush forests not only gives you the opportunity to exercise and unwind but it also allows you the chance to get to know the local area's history, culture and regional cuisine. If you're eager to explore outside your own backyard, why not browse through our fantastic selection of Walking Holidays in our Countryside Collection and look forward to your next adventure.

With so many spectacular trails to choose from, why not admire the world-famous lakes that inspired artists and literary geniuses like Wordsworth, Ransome and Potter on our Literary Walking in the Lake District trip or take to the hills to see glaciated valleys and orchid-filled meadows on our Classic Swiss Alps Walk. For those dreaming about walking through rolling vineyards and ancient olive groves, our Walking in the Venetian Hills holiday offers opportunities to really delve into the region's history of winemaking. Our Countryside Collection is designed to lead you to the most beautiful, off-the-beaten-track lanes and peaceful spots so you can reconnect with nature.

Browse our fantastic Countryside Walking Collection below to inspire your next getaway, or visit our blog for more inspiration…

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