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Self-Guided Walking in Puglia and Matera

Self-Guided Walking in Puglia and Matera

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  • Holiday typeSelf-guided walking
  • Duration7 nights
  • Accommodationhotel-to-hotel
  • Activity level
  • From $1545per person, tour only
  • NEW FOR 2019  
  • Departures
    Selected departure dates from 25 May '19 to 30 Oct '19
  • What your holiday price includes
  • 7 nights hotel-to-hotel accommodation in a mix of hotels
  • All breakfasts, 1 dinner & 1 typical product tasting
  • Management by your local Headwater-appointed agent
  • Route directions and maps
  • Luggage transfers between hotels
  • 1 typical product tasting
  • Route notes
  • Optional Upgrades
  • Excellent choice for
  • Food lovers, solo travellers, couples, coastal routes

Italy: Puglia

Self-Guided Walking in Puglia and Matera

  • Visit the UNESCO sites of Matera and Alberobello
  • Discover mouth-watering local food and wine
  • Charming hotels in great locations
  • Walks are optional with plenty of time to discover each destination

Puglia is a land forged in history by an incredible mixture of civilisations and cultures. From the unique 'trulli' style houses of Alberobello, the cave houses (Sassi) in Matera, to the beautiful White City of Ostuni. This self guided walking trip allows you to discover the beauty of the region at your own relaxed pace. There is plenty of time to appreciate the magnificent coastline and spend lingering afternoons savouring the traditional cuisine.

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If you have any questions about this holiday call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347, use our live webchat or email usa@exodustravels.com

Day-by-day itinerary

Walking information

Activity Level: 2 (Leisurely/Moderate) Average daily walk: 10km (6 miles) No. of days walking: 5 (2 days optional) Terrain & route: The terrain and type of path will vary between manmade paved tracks, tarmac and gravel. All walks take between 3 and 6 hours including lunch stops and require a moderate level of fitness. This is a self-guided tour; you can walk at your own pace (we recommend taking plenty of time to rest and enjoy the views!). However, on some of the walks the terrain encountered is similar to the one you would find on a moderate walking trip, hence the Leisurely/Moderate grade. Please be aware that Puglia can be very warm, possibly exceeding 30 degrees in the summer. Vehicle Support: This is a self-guided trip for those who prefer to walk independently, but with our assistance to take out the stress of the logistics and planning. We arrange your accommodations, provide you with route notes so that you can walk at your own pace, while your bags are transported from one hotel to the next. A representative will be there to meet you and will be on call throughout the trip should you need. As this is a self-guided holiday there is no group and no leader. There may be others on the same departure date as you, but you will not be organised together. The route notes contain an emergency assistance telephone number should you need it and in emergencies, the local representative is normally able to dispatch a taxi or pick you up themselves. They may wish to charge for this service.

We're here to help

If you've any questions about this holiday call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 , or email usa@exodustravels.com

Day 1: Arrive in Matera

Spend the night in a charming hotel in the old city centre of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 2: Beautiful morning hike to rock churches on the Murgia plateau 7km/4mi

This morning take a private transfer and then a scenic walk to discover the Murgia plateau facing Matera, and take some time to admire the impressive rock churches of the 8th Century. This area is perfect for a spot of birdwatching as you walk amongst the pastures and stone farmhouses, keeping your eyes out for birds of prey as you go. In the afternoon enjoy a guided visit of the 'Sassi' area of the town then take a private transfer back to Matera. Overnight in Matera.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 3: Morning transfer to Alberobello; afternoon tasting of wine and typical regional products

Take a morning private transfer to Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site, an intriguing city populated by dry stone dwellings known as 'trulli', nestled in amongst the beautifully exotic Itria Valley. Enjoy a wine and local product tasting, and, subject to availability, spend the night in a typical 'Trullo' in the historical centre of Alberobello.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 4: Follow an old aqueduct through the Itria Valley, amongst ancient olive trees, vineyards and Trulli

Today you take a short private transfer to the trailhead, then walk along an old aqueduct towards Locorotondo, through the gently rolling countryside of the Itria Valley. Walk through ancient olive groves, vineyards and trulli. Take a short (15 minute) train ride back to Alberobello (train ticket not included).

Meals: Breakfast

Day 5: Transfer to Ostuni; the 'White City'; optional loop walk

Private transfer to Ostuni. This striking hilltop village, a short distance from the sparkling Adriatic sea, is known as the 'White City' due to its fortress of whitewashed buildings clustered together on the hillside. Ostuni's charm lies within the enchanting maze of Greek-style narrow streets, displaying some beautiful Mediterranean architecture. Enjoy a free afternoon with time to discover this enchanting town.

Meals: Breakfast and dinner

Day 6: Transfer to Ostuni train station and train to Lecce; optional walk in the city 11km/6mi

Take a private transfer to Ostuni train station and a train (60 mins) to Lecce. Enjoy some free time to discover the main monuments of the Salento region's capital, characterized by the baroque style. Optional city walk in the afternoon.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 7: Train to Otranto and hike along the coastline

Take a morning train or bus to Otrano (train or bus ticket not included), a little seaside village facing the Adriatic sea and known as the gateway to the Orient. The Cathedral houses an impressive 'Tree of Life' mosaic which covers its entire floor, and is well worth a visit. Hike along the coastline, discovering the imposing coastal watchtowers, and appreciating the beautiful plantlife. Take a train or bus back to Lecce (train or bus ticket not included) and spend the night there.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 8: End Lecce

End in Lecce after breakfast.

Meals: Breakfast

Where you stay

During your holiday you stay at the following hotels. If you'd like to extend your time at any of these or, if you'd like to enhance your stay with an upgraded room, just let us know at the time of booking.

To find out more call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347, use our live webchat or email usa@exodustravels.com

Hotels , Puglia and Matera

All the hotels on this trip have been specially selected for their location and character. Located in the heart of the historical centre, the B & B in Lecce is found in a 17th Century palace, and in Alberobello we use a family-run hotel in beautifully restored 'trulli' houses.

Eating and Drinking

All breakfasts and 1 dinner (in a typical Puglian farmhouse) on day 4 are included. There is also a wine and local product tasting on day 3. In Puglia you will find genuine regional cooking that has strong links to the land and the sea. To give you an example of the types of food on offer in Puglia: simple, tasty dishes such as the pasta delicacy “orecchiette” served with a sauce of turnip-tops or fresh tomato and sheep’s ricotta-cheese, “cavatelli” with pulses, aubergine and parmesan bake, courgettes “alla poverella” - marinated in oil, garlic, mint and vinegar, etc., to accompany grilled fish, seafood, horse-meat chops, lamb, “burrata” (soft mozzarella and cream cheese), mozzarella and “caciocavallo” sheep’s cheese... plus excellent wines. This region is a food lovers paradise!


Please call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 or email usa@exodustravels.com to arrange flights and connecting transfers to your hotel.


Here at Headwater we thrive on feedback from our customers. It's the only way we can continue to develop, and where necessary improve, our services and ensure our holidays continue to be the best they can be. However, as this is a relatively new holiday, we don't yet have any customer reviews available.

Dates and prices

You can be confident that our pricing includes all the standard requirements of your holiday and many additional extras. Always ensure that you are comparing like for like when booking your holiday.

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This 7 night self-guided walking holiday includes:

Hotel-to-hotel accommodation in a mix of hotels

All breakfasts, 1 dinner & 1 typical product tasting

Management by your local Headwater-appointed agent

Route directions and maps

Luggage transfers between hotels

1 typical product tasting

Route notes

How to book:

For further details, or to check availability, speak to our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 or complete our holiday enquiry form (we'll contact you at a time that's most convenient for you).

To enquire about this holiday, or for further information, call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 or complete our holiday enquiry form.

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3rd Sep US$1545 Check availability
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1st Oct US$1545 Check availability
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29th Oct US$1545 Check availability
30th Oct US$1545 Check availability

The prices quoted for each individual departure supercede those published in our current brochures. Air prices are subject to change and we advise early booking to obtain the best prices. Please see our Planning your holiday and What's included in the price? pages for additional information.

Holiday details

This holiday is unsuitable for children.

Holiday type
Self-guided walking Managed locally by Headwater appointed agent.

Selected departure dates from 25th May 2019 to 30th Oct 2019, for 7 nights. All dates are subject to availability, please contact us to check.

All breakfasts, 1 dinner & 1 typical product tasting

Tailor-made travel

Tour only

How to book

For further details, or to check availability, speak to our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 or complete our holiday enquiry form (we'll contact you at a time that's most convenient for you).

To enquire about this holiday, or for further information, call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 or complete our holiday enquiry form.

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