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Highlights of Lake Chiemsee by Bike

Highlights of Lake Chiemsee by Bike


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  • Holiday type
    Self-guided cycling
  • Duration
    6 nights
  • Accommodation
  • Activity level
  • From $1799per person, tour only
  • NEW FOR 2020  
  • Departures
    Daily from 18 Apr '20 to 10 Oct '20
  • What your holiday price includes
  • 6 nights single-centre accommodation in a hotel
  • All breakfasts
  • Management by your local Headwater-appointed agent
  • Route directions and maps
  • High quality bikes
  • GPS navigation app
  • 2 Boat Trips
  • Optional Upgrades
  • Electric bikes available
  • Room upgrades and extra nights at selected hotels
  • Travel options
  • Excellent choice for
  • Flora & fauna, art & history, swimming opportunities, couples, lake & river routes

Germany: Bavaria

Highlights of Lake Chiemsee by Bike

  • Bavaria's largest lake, with plenty of swimming opportunities
  • Panoramic views of the Upper Bavarian Alps
  • Boat trip to the Herreninsel and Fraueninsel
  • Based on our popular 7 night, Cycling Bavaria’s Lake Chiemsee

Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria's largest lake, also called the Bavarian sea, is embedded in a beautiful landscape. This single-centre self-guided cycling holiday offers a chance to explore this natural wonderland by bike, with day tours taking you around the lake, to the beautiful alpine foothills and along crystal clear rivers. Visit typical Bavarian villages, museums, castles and monasteries and enjoy plenty of swimming opportunities along the way.

Your hotel, the 4 star Garden-Hotel Reinhart has traditional Bavarian guest rooms and offers a spa area including an indoor swimming pool and sauna. Located just 100m from the lake and the harbour you will find an excellent selection of restaurants and cafes.

We're here to help

If you have any questions about this holiday call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347, use our live webchat or email usa@exodustravels.com

Day-by-day itinerary

We're here to help

If you've any questions about this holiday call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 , or email usa@exodustravels.com

Day 1: Arrive in Prien am Chiemsee

Arrive at the 4 star Garden-Hotel Reinhart, located just 100m from Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria's largest lake. Take a stroll along the promenade and around the harbour you'll find a great selection of restaurants.

Day 2: Eggstätter Lake District and Amerang 40-60km / 25-37.5mi

Today’s route takes you on a tour through parts of the oldest nature reserve in Bavaria, the Eggstätter Lake District. You will cycle through forests, fragrant meadows, and past some of the 18 lakes that make up this district to Höslwang, a typical Bavarian village. Extend the tour and cycle to Amerang, where you can visit the German Car Museum and the Historical Farmhouse Museum. On your return to Prien you’ll be accompanied by a magnificent panoramic view of the Upper Bavarian Alps.
Breakfast included

Day 3: Chiemsee loop approx. 65km/41mi

Today, you’ll complete a circuit of Lake Chiemsee, discovering places of interest along the way, including the Roman Museum in Seebruck, and the Horse Museum in Arlaching. Enjoy lunch along the lakeshore and cool off in the refreshing waters of Lake Chiemsee.
Breakfast included

Day 4: Boat trip to Herreninsel and Fraueninsel

Enjoy a day out of the saddle today and take the boat from Prien to the Herreninsel island and visit the Herrenchiemsee castle, built under King Ludwig II. On the return, you will stop at the island Fraueninsel, home to the oldest remaining German-speaking female convent on the northern side of the Alps. Explore the beautiful gardens, the island potteries, the fish smoke-houses, and the romantic outdoor restaurant areas at the lake.
Breakfast included

Day 5: Achental Valley 55km/34.5mi

In the morning take the bus or train to Übersee. You’ll cycle past colourful meadows, surrounded by spectacular mountains. Following the tranquil river Tiroler Ache, you will cycle via Marquartstein back to Grassau. Quiet, shady paths will then lead you through the Rottauer Filze (moorland) to Bernau and along the lake back to Prien.
Breakfast included

Day 6: Lakes and Monasteries 45km/28.5mi

Start your day with a boat trip to Seebruck. Your cycle route takes you via Truchtlaching an der Alz to the lakeside Benedictine Seeon monastery. In the pretty town of Gstadt, you will return to the shores of Lake Chiemsee and cycle via Breitbrunn and Rimsting back to the hotel where you can enjoy a dip in the indoor pool.
Breakfast included

Day 7: Leave Prien am Chiemsee

Breakfast included

If you'd prefer a slightly longer holiday, take a look at our 7 night Cycling Bavaria’s Lake Chiemsee.

Where you stay

This single-centre holiday is based at the following hotel. If you'd like to extend your stay here, or upgrade your room, just let us know at the time of booking.

To find out more call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347, use our live webchat or email usa@exodustravels.com

Find out more on the hotel website.
Read customer reviews on Tripadvisor.

Garden-Hotel Reinhart , Prien am Chiemsee

Swimming Pool Icon

Garden-Hotel Reinhart is set 100 yards from lake in Prien am Chiemsee, in the heart of Lake Chiemsee holiday region. The hotel offers a spa area including an indoor swimming pool, a sauna and free Wi-Fi.

The rooms are furnished in traditional Bavarian country-style and most rooms have a balcony. All rooms have a flat-screen satellite TV and a bathroom.

Garden-Hotel Reinhart is located directly next to the Primavera Water Park, and is 100 yards from the wharf with direct connections to both Herren and Frauen Islands. Several golf courses are within 3.1 miles.

Extending your stay

If you'd like to extend your trip with extra nights at the start or end, or if you'd like to arrange a stop off point en-route, then we recommend the following hotels.

Find out more on the hotel website.
Read customer reviews on Tripadvisor.

Hotel Opera, Munich

Hair dryer iconNEARBY:

The Hotel Opera is situated in the Lehel district of Munich, the area has a village feel to it, but is just a 15 minute walk to the main centre of Munich and a 20 minute walk to the Englischer Garten, Munich's huge leafy park.

The hotel has a wonderful Romanesque facade, and the building itself dates back to the 19th century, damaged in the war the building was bought in 1968 by the present owners who took 8 years to painstakingly restore and renovate the building.

Today's hotel is a nice mix of modern and old, with lovely airy rooms and and a relaxing tranquil garden patio. Rooms have all mod cons and some come with balconies, the hotel also owns a couple of superb restaurants close by.

Breakfast is served at your table with a choice of cold meats and cheeses or croissants and fruit and the option to order freshly cooked eggs.

Please call for prices and details


Call now to speak to our specialist team at 1-800-267-3347 or email us at usa@exodustravels.com for enquiries or to book your trip.


Here at Headwater we thrive on feedback from our customers. It's the only way we can continue to develop, and where necessary improve, our services and ensure our holidays continue to be the best they can be. However, as this is a relatively new holiday, we don't yet have any customer reviews available.

Dates and prices

You can be confident that our pricing includes all the standard requirements of your holiday and many additional extras. Always ensure that you are comparing like for like when booking your holiday.

Find out about The Headwater Price Promise to ensure you're getting the very best value for money.

This 6 night self-guided cycling holiday includes:

Single-centre accommodation in a hotel

All breakfasts

Management by your local Headwater-appointed agent

Route directions and maps

High quality bikes

GPS navigation app

2 Boat Trips

How to book:

For further details, or to check availability, speak to our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 or complete our holiday enquiry form (we'll contact you at a time that's most convenient for you).

To enquire about this holiday, or for further information, call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 or complete our holiday enquiry form.

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18th Apr US$1799 Check availability
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23rd Apr US$1799 Check availability
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1st May US$1799 Check availability
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3rd May US$1799 Check availability
4th May US$1799 Check availability
5th May US$1799 Check availability
6th May US$1799 Check availability
7th May US$1799 Check availability
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30th May US$1949 Check availability
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DepartingTour only Availability
1st Jun US$1949 Check availability
2nd Jun US$1949 Check availability
3rd Jun US$1949 Check availability
4th Jun US$1949 Check availability
5th Jun US$1949 Check availability
6th Jun US$1949 Check availability
7th Jun US$1949 Check availability
8th Jun US$1949 Check availability
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10th Jun US$1949 Check availability
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18th Jun US$1949 Check availability
19th Jun US$1949 Check availability
20th Jun US$1949 Check availability
21st Jun US$1949 Check availability
22nd Jun US$1949 Check availability
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28th Jun US$1949 Check availability
29th Jun US$1949 Check availability
30th Jun US$1949 Check availability
DepartingTour only Availability
1st Jul US$1949 Check availability
2nd Jul US$1949 Check availability
3rd Jul US$1949 Check availability
4th Jul US$1949 Check availability
5th Jul US$1949 Check availability
6th Jul US$1949 Check availability
7th Jul US$1949 Check availability
8th Jul US$1949 Check availability
9th Jul US$1949 Check availability
10th Jul US$1949 Check availability
11th Jul US$1949 Check availability
12th Jul US$1949 Check availability
13th Jul US$1949 Check availability
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1st Aug US$1949 Check availability
2nd Aug US$1949 Check availability
3rd Aug US$1949 Check availability
4th Aug US$1949 Check availability
5th Aug US$1949 Check availability
6th Aug US$1949 Check availability
7th Aug US$1949 Check availability
8th Aug US$1949 Check availability
9th Aug US$1949 Check availability
10th Aug US$1949 Check availability
11th Aug US$1949 Check availability
12th Aug US$1949 Check availability
13th Aug US$1949 Check availability
14th Aug US$1949 Check availability
15th Aug US$1949 Check availability
16th Aug US$1949 Check availability
17th Aug US$1949 Check availability
18th Aug US$1949 Check availability
19th Aug US$1949 Check availability
20th Aug US$1949 Check availability
21st Aug US$1949 Check availability
22nd Aug US$1949 Check availability
23rd Aug US$1949 Check availability
24th Aug US$1949 Check availability
25th Aug US$1949 Check availability
26th Aug US$1949 Check availability
27th Aug US$1949 Check availability
28th Aug US$1949 Check availability
29th Aug US$1949 Check availability
30th Aug US$1949 Check availability
31st Aug US$1949 Check availability
DepartingTour only Availability
1st Sep US$1949 Check availability
2nd Sep US$1949 Check availability
3rd Sep US$1949 Check availability
4th Sep US$1949 Check availability
5th Sep US$1899 Check availability
6th Sep US$1899 Check availability
7th Sep US$1899 Check availability
8th Sep US$1899 Check availability
9th Sep US$1899 Check availability
10th Sep US$1899 Check availability
11th Sep US$1899 Check availability
12th Sep US$1899 Check availability
13th Sep US$1899 Check availability
14th Sep US$1899 Check availability
15th Sep US$1899 Check availability
16th Sep US$1899 Check availability
17th Sep US$1899 Check availability
18th Sep US$1899 Check availability
19th Sep US$1899 Check availability
20th Sep US$1899 Check availability
21st Sep US$1899 Check availability
22nd Sep US$1899 Check availability
23rd Sep US$1899 Check availability
24th Sep US$1899 Check availability
25th Sep US$1899 Check availability
26th Sep US$1899 Check availability
27th Sep US$1899 Check availability
28th Sep US$1899 Check availability
29th Sep US$1899 Check availability
30th Sep US$1899 Check availability
DepartingTour only Availability
1st Oct US$1899 Check availability
2nd Oct US$1899 Check availability
3rd Oct US$1799 Check availability
4th Oct US$1799 Check availability
5th Oct US$1799 Check availability
6th Oct US$1799 Check availability
7th Oct US$1799 Check availability
8th Oct US$1799 Check availability
9th Oct US$1799 Check availability
10th Oct US$1799 Check availability

The prices quoted for each individual departure supercede those published in our current brochures. Air prices are subject to change and we advise early booking to obtain the best prices. Please see our Planning your holiday and What's included in the price? pages for additional information.

Holiday details

Please contact us for child prices.

Holiday type
Self-guided cycling Managed locally by Headwater appointed agent.

Daily from 18th Apr 2020 to 10th Oct 2020, for 6 nights. All dates are subject to availability, please contact us to check.

All breakfasts

Electric bikes
It is possible to hire electric bikes for this holiday at a supplement of £134 per person. As these are available on a first come first served basis, we recommend early booking to avoid disappointment.

Other details
Twin-bedded rooms in German resorts are normally one large base with two mattresses/duvets. Separate twin beds are rare and cannot be guaranteed as available.

Tailor-made travel

Tour only

How to book

For further details, or to check availability, speak to our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 or complete our holiday enquiry form (we'll contact you at a time that's most convenient for you).

Call now to speak to our specialist team at 1-800-267-3347 or email us at usa@exodustravels.com for enquiries or to book your trip.

Due to the tailor-made nature of our holidays, we need a little more information in order for us to check availability for Highlights of Lake Chiemsee by Bike. Simply complete the form below (fields marked * are mandatory) and a member of our sales team will contact you (when it's most convenient for you) to provide availability information, travel options and an accurate price. Of course there's no obligation, but if you do wish to proceed with a booking they will be on-hand to assist you throughout the process.

Alternatively, you can call our sales team on 1-800-267-3347 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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