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Where is hot in April for a Walking Holiday? Gozo, Galapagos plus more

It is a truth universally acknowledged that should you wander outside without an umbrella in the month of April you are liable to get a good soaking. Occasionally the April sun will make an appearance; just long enough for you to hang your washing, stoke up the barbecue or don your walking boots and head to the hills. But trust not a cloudless sky in the month of April, at least if you live in the UK.

Gloriously green coastline of Gozo, Malta's little sister island!

Gloriously green coastline of Gozo, Malta’s little sister island!

So where is hot in April? Where can you travel to for more or less guarantee sunshine, as well as walking routes that encompass some of the most breathtaking views on the planet? Well, at Headwater we have showcased two of our best holidays operating in April here, Galapagos and Gozo, though rest assured we have plenty more walking holidays operating in April here.

If you are seeking the ultimate adventure that exposes some of the greatest elements of nature’s bounty, we have just the trip for you. Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and set out on a trip of a lifetime to the Galapagos Islands. While few will ever get the chance to visit this fascinating and awe-inspiring archipelago, those who do will never forget the beauty, variety or intensity of the natural wonders on display. From the famous giant tortoises to the blue footed boobies, the array of fauna is extensive to say the least. You can spend your time swimming with sea lions, watching whales and dolphins frolicking in the ocean, and generally drinking in the ambiance of this magically paradise. And with temperatures pushing 30 degrees Celsius in April and a daily average of eight hours of sunshine, the weather is great too.

Discovered in 1535 by Tomás de Berlanga, the bishop of Panama, the island group was originally named Las Encantadas (“The Enchanted”), but after the bishop effused so enthusiastically about the large galápagos (tortoises), they gradually earned their new and lasting name. Formed by a group of volcanoes – many of which are still active – the Galapagos Islands are rocky and arid, with sometimes otherworldly scenery of jutting volcanoes and rugged cliffs. Indeed, even if the flora and fauna were absent, walking here would still be rewarding. As it is, though, the myriad plant and animal species, many of which are unique to the islands, allow visitors to find new and wondrous creatures, colours and aromas at every turn. And if you just fancy chilling for an afternoon, there are some cracking beaches too!

For those who don’t want to travel quite as far but still crave sunshine and fine walking opportunities, you might consider the beautiful, peaceful Maltese island of Gozo. In April you can expect around eight hours of sunshine each day with daytime temperatures around the 20 degrees Celsius mark, and rarely dropping to single figures overnight.

Our self-guided walking holiday to the island, Calypso’s Isle, bases you in the tranquil and resplendent Hotel Ta’ Cenc & Spa, set amongst 400 acres of ecological grounds bursting with flora and fauna.

When you step away from the hotel, though, you will find lush inland areas surrounded by beautiful coves, cliffs and beaches, with sleepy but welcoming fishing villages dotted around its perimeter. Known as the “Island of the Three Hills” the topology is varied enough to offer some challenging hikes, while also given many options for walking of the most relaxed kind: taking in the beautiful surroundings and stopping regularly to sample the local cuisine, perhaps feasting on the catch of the day with a glass or two of the local wine.

Gozo has long been thought to be the mythological island of Ogygia where – according to Homer’s Odyssey – the nymph Calypso detained Odysseus. And if you visit Gozo the place is sure to have a similar hold on you as the natural beauty and relaxed pace of life allows all your worries to vanish into the warm, fresh air.