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Where is hot in April for a Cycling Holiday?

In theory, the UK and much of northern Europe should be a pleasant enough temperature come April, but sadly in practice single digit temperatures, rain and even snow are all too common. Luckily enough we’ve got three great destinations that would make for a perfect April cycling holiday with sunny weather and far more besides. Whether you are looking to push the boat out with something long haul or perhaps April sunshine a little closer to home, we’ve got the ideal cycling holiday destination right here.

At the heel of the Italian boot, Puglia is a fantastic option for a mid-spring cycling break. Temperatures aren’t too balmy and average around 16 degrees, that’s cycling in t-shirt weather without a doubt. With a mix of historical wonderment such as the archaeological site of Egnazia, once the location of a Greco-Roman town dating back to the 4th century BC and fragrant scents of wild herbs and mint in the Valle d’Itria the first half of the trip is stacked with memorable highlights.

Puglia Trullo Houses

Puglia Trullo Houses

Puglia’s world famous trullo houses are fascinating to anyone visiting the area, regardless of your affinity to local architecture. Quite rightly, the trullo houses of Puglia are designated a UNESCO world heritage site and a definite highlight of this trip, on the fourth night of the Contrasts of Puglia Cycling holiday you even get to stay in your own, private trulli house.

Moving a little closer to home Jordan is a magnificent option for those wanting something very different without having to fly eight hours or more. The capital of Jordan, Amman, is around a five hour flight from London but will seem a world away. The temperature should be upwards of 20 degrees Celsius but head south, where many of the country’s true treasures are and you will be enjoying an extra three degrees or so, with rain falling just twice a month on average and 13 hours of – mostly sunny – daylight allowing you to squeeze plenty into your holiday.

Group of Cyclists on Jordan Cycling Trip

Not quite cycling through the sand but at least its nice and warm in April…

And there certainly is plenty to see in this captivating nation. History enthusiasts can enjoy some of the best-preserved Roman ruins outside Italy at Jerash, whilst a gentle two-wheel ascent of Mount Nebo offers stunning views, as well as being the supposed resting place of Moses.

Jordan’s true wonders lie further south though and exploring the rose-red city of Petra by bicycle is a true highlight of any visit. This ancient Nabatean city full of rock-hewn buildings such as the awe-inspiring Treasury (as featured in Indianan Jones and the Last Crusade) and the equally magnificent Monastery is sure to fill you with wonder. If films are your thing then the soaring sands of Wadi Rum’s dunes and spectacular rock formations (as featured in the epic Lawrence of Arabia) are also certain to bring joy to your soul.

Whilst the cycling in Jordan is more physically demanding than you will find in some countries, your reward is some of the best sightseeing anywhere on the planet. Of course, if the muscles are aching there is always the Dead Sea’s famous, healing, mineral-rich waters to ease them… not to mention the iconic photo of you sitting upright, paperback book in hand!

Our final option for somewhere hot in April is a little closer to home but is relatively undiscovered. The Iberian country is one of the cheapest in Europe, meaning more money to spend on glorious food and drink, whilst the April weather is sumptuous. The average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius is perfect for cycling and with the sun on your back for seven hours a day it will be lovely and bright as you take in some wonderful views.

Porto to Coimbra Cycling

A nice cool drink after a day in the saddle exploring central Portugal…

Cycling from Porto to the university town of Coimbra you should start off by sampling some of Portugal’s finest wines and ports whilst enjoying the views over the Douro River. If you can drag yourself away from one of Europe’s most underrated cities you will find the cycling gentle and rewarding, with fields of lemon trees, olives, pears and strawberries, as well as golden beaches, lagoons with abundant birdlife and sleepy, atmospheric towns such as Costa Nova, with its brightly coloured houses and Ovar with its bustling market.

So, whilst your friends and colleagues are cycling through the April showers and the British traffic, why not go on a springtime adventure to one of these three sensational, sunny, cycling havens?