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The most scenic lakes and rivers to explore in Europe

We’re fortunate to have plenty of water-based wonders that we can explore in the UK and Europe. From literary geniuses like William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter to Bavarian King’s, serene freshwater lakes and rivers continue to be a great place for those looking to be inspired or for those looking for a restful retreat. A […]

5 Easter traditions from around the world

Many of us will celebrate this weekend feasting on chocolate and hunting for Easter eggs, but the traditional Easter varies depending on where you are in the world. As we’ve travelled across Europe, we’ve been delighted to come across a wealth of unique and interesting customs. Here are a few of our favourite ways to […]

Our Top 5 Favourite Trips For Breathtaking Mountains and Valleys

If you’re looking for a challenge on your next holiday, Headwater has a range of trips that will most definitely fit the bill. However, we always want to ensure your efforts are well-rewarded, whether it’s with a spectacular, panoramic mountain view or gentle rolling valleys, followed quickly by a restorative dip in a thermal pool […]

5 Serene Holidays To Get Away From It All

After over a year of exploring hidden gems in our own backyard, most of us are eagerly anticipating the time when it’s safe to discover the remote trails, secluded hamlets, and historic villages across the UK and Europe once more. But the time is coming. With the UK roadmap securely in place, we can finally […]

4 Whiskey Distilleries to Wet Your Whistle in the UK

From peaty, caramel flavours of single malts to spicy, dry rye whiskies, each distillery across the United Kingdom has its own unique flavour palate. Influenced by their environment, access to local ingredients and their choice of distillation and maturing processes, UK whiskies offer a remarkable variety of tastes that cater to every kind of refined […]

The 5 best wine regions in France we can’t wait to revisit

While the process of winemaking has continued over thousands of years in countries across the Mediterranean, many say it is the French who have made it into an art form. The fabled wine regions in France are known the world over, with the government regulating which vineyards hold the highest quality classification, which includes either […]

Your Guide To The Best British Castles and Legendary Breweries

When discovering hidden gems closer to home, you can’t deny that one of the best ways to enjoy the unique local flavours each part of the United Kingdom has to offer is by tucking into regional delicacies and tasting their freshly poured pints. From bitter pale ales and chocolate-coloured stouts to crisp, refreshing lagers, it’s […]

6 Countryside cycling routes we’re dreaming of getting back to

A cycle ride along the country lanes is an excellent tonic to feeling reinvigorated. As your mood brightens, the gentle breeze keeps you cool and gives you a lift along the way as the scenic landscape rolls by like the backdrop to a feel-good film. We’re still dreaming of the time when we can go […]