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Top 5 secret winter wonderlands

It’s getting on to that special time of year…already the weather is a little nippier, and the nights are drawing in. When it’s cold, it’s tempting to stay inside. But here’s one fact about the winter: the best places to be are out there in the great outdoors! Perhaps you don’t believe us, but if you look at these beautiful destinations we think you’ll reconsider.

Let’s count down from 5 to our number 1 secret winter wonderland…

5) Lapland, Finland

This is the largest and northernmost region of Finland, yet despite its size and its ties with the jolly red man himself, Lapland is still a bit of a secret. The best part is that those beautiful scenes you imagine when you read the name, are pretty much exactly how it looks.

So if you’re seeing igloos, skis and reindeer — this is just one memorable picture you can get from a snow holiday this year. And there’s more where that came from.

4) Geilo, Norway

Around 250km away from the capital city of Oslo, and with just 2,300 inhabitants, Geilo is a very small town in Norway’s Hallingdal valley. This sprawling mountainous area is a pleasure to look at – with pure white snow often separating the mountains from clear blue sky.

There are all sorts of activities for you to enjoy here – from Husky dog pulled sleds to cross-country walks around a stunning lakeside setting. Head to Geilo this year and you’re sure to have plenty to talk about and even more to remember.

3) Salzburg, Austria

Ah. Salzburg. One the greatest cities in the world and yet blank looks when you tell most people about it. Why it’s such a secret is a mystery, because we all love beautiful places. Its Baroque architecture and other historical facts, such as being the birthplace of Mozart, have made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Imagine your special winter holiday here: browsing the unforgettable Christmas markets, walking around the old-fashioned streets, and after, having a nice hot Gluhwein whilst relaxing.

2) Dobbiaco, Italy

Known as Dobbiaco by the local Italians but sometimes called Toblach, this is a remarkable and relatively unheard-of ski resort located in the heart of the Italian Dolomites.

If you travel here this winter you can enjoy a stay in a beautiful four-star hotel. The Park Hotel Bellevue has a charming yellow exterior and a history going back over a hundred years. Its staff give traditional hospitality, perfect for winding down after a day’s skiing across the beautiful alpine peaks.

And in the number 1 spot is…

1) Venabu, Norway

There’s no place on earth quite like it.  And we’ll be honest – this secret is about to expire as so many of our guests return again and again. They must be spreading the word. So what’s so special about it?

The friendly atmosphere, the ski slopes for all levels, the ski safaris for advanced skiers, and the excellent food and even the chance to see the Northern Lights. There are just so many magical things you can see and do in Venabu.

Getting those secrets off our chest has been a major release. And we think now you’ve seen these incredible places you’ll agree that they all look like great reasons to get outdoors and make something special of the winter. All you have to do to make your time here special is share it with someone special. So gather your family, friends, anyone who’s near and dear to you and spend the colder months in a wonderful winter location.