Headwater's Giro Di Vino Infographic - Learn About Italian Wines!

Headwater’s Giro Di Vino Infographic – Learn About Italian Wines!

Producing over 4.5 million tonnes per year, Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world. And it’s good stuff too! The Italian’s are proud of their wine and when digging a little deeper into the Italian wine scene you soon realise it’s a complex subject that the whole nation, from Piedmont in the north to Sardinia in the south, takes very seriously indeed.

To help our readers gain a greater insight into the winery world of Italy we’ve put together this infographic based on that famous, lung busting cycle race the Giro D’Italia. Instead of donning the lycra, we’d prefer to take a tour through Italy with a glass of wine in hand, hence the Giro Di Vino!

It would also be rude not to take some of our walking and cycling holidays through Italy’s world famous wine regions and here’s a few we’d highly recommend for wine buffs who like to ‘earn’ that glass of wine (or three) each evening:


Giro Di Vino