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In Search of Winter Sun – Andalucía

As soon as we put the clocks back at the end of October, the onset of winter seemed to arrive. Dark nights, cold mornings and the prospect of scraping frost from the car windscreen before we set off to work sends a shiver down the spine. So the prospect of some winter sun is certainly […]

Discover Scintillating Sicily

If you’re a fan of ancient ruins, incredible natural wonders, colourful culture and fine cuisine, you may well be seduced by Sicily’s charms. The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily lies just off the toe of Italy’s boot. For over 3,000 years the island has been a crossroads of Mediterranean culture and history, having been […]

Marvellous Madeira

Less than a four-hour flight away from the UK, Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago of islands located 520km off the north-west coast of Africa. Its temperate climate provides year-round sunshine. The exotic colours of the flowers stand out from among the rich blue seas and the emerald green vegetation, making it a haven of natural […]

Sampling the Delights of Alsace

Straddling the border with Germany and Switzerland, France’s picture-perfect Alsace region is an absolute gem, not to mention a wine lover’s dream! A beautiful fusion of French and German influences, the Alsace offers a cultural experience not to be missed, with fabulous cuisine, wine, architecture and local traditions. The geology and geography of Alsace make […]

The Highlights of Simply Stunning Slovenia

Nestled on the western edge of Central Europe, bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, as well the Adriatic Sea, it’s little wonder Slovenia has a very distinct multi-cultural feel. The local language, cuisine, charming villages and local traditions are testament to this. Yet with simply breathtaking mountain ranges, stunning lakeside views and natural beauty […]

Romance and Intrigue Await on the Amalfi Coast

Few places stir the romantic senses more than the Amalfi Coast. This 50km stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, in the region of Campania, is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful. A combination of rugged coastline and sheer cliffs delivers spectacular sea views along with terraced vineyards, colourful […]