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Wonderful holidays and fabulous flowers – Our Mother’s Day treat!

For people who feel their mum deserves more than just a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates, here are Headwater’s  Mother’s Day treats! Slovenian Adventure Discover jagged limestone peaks, high flower-filled meadows, thundering waterfalls and half timbered mountain villages in the beautiful Triglav National Park. The hotels that you stay in all have their […]

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Croatia

Owners of luxury sailing yachts, working fishing boats and traditional wooden gulets have for decades been drawn like magnets to the gleaming turquoise waters of Croatia’s rugged coastline, so it’s little wonder that the country now rates as one of Europe’s top hotspots for holidays by the sea. Yet, despite the rise in her visitor […]

Exploring France’s Waterways

With over 8,000 kms (5,000 miles) of canals and rivers in France, it’s hard to find a tiny village, let alone a main town or city, that doesn’t have at least one lovely, picturesque river running through its heart! The longest French rivers usually wind their way gently through both towns and countryside, and are […]

From alplermagronen to zopf – our guide to Swiss cuisine

With a record 110 Michelin-starred restaurants – representing a 30% increase since 2010 – Switzerland is hot on the heels of its gastronomic neighbours when it comes to high-end eateries! Historically, Swiss menus have largely been influenced by French, German and north Italian cuisine, with each “cantons” adding its unique twist to Alpine recipes passed […]

10 Amazing Pictures of Headwater’s Austria

As part of More Relaxed March, we’re focusing on Austria this week and we’ll be giving away vouchers for anybody booking an Austrian holiday by March 7th. Austria boasts a plentiful array of natural attractions from high alpine peaks to turquoise blue lakes and Headwater itineraries give walkers and cyclists the opportunity to explore the […]

6 Fascinating Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Algarve

1. The Revamped Stones of Pedrava Last autumn we launched two holidays in the warm, winter sun destination of the Algarve. Headwater customers on the Walking in the Algarve’s Wild West and Cycling in The Real Algarve itineraries both stay at the Aldea d’Pedrava, roughly translated as the Stones of Pedrava. A decade ago, the owner Antonio Ferreira, decided […]