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Holidays in Andalucia

The province has been conquered and re-conquered for centuries, with each new civilisation further enriching its fascinating cultural heritage. All around there are historical and cultural treasures to be found. After the Roman Empire collapsed, the Moors invaded in the 8C and held Andalucia for 700 years. Seville, Cordoba and Granada flourished, with their respective Alcazar, Mezquita and Alhambra Palaces sparkling like jewels in the Moorish crown. Today, these cities offer an unforgettable fusion of Moorish and Christian architecture, displayed against panoramas of vineyards, olive groves and sunflower fields.

Outside the towns and villages, you will find the countryside just as the Moors left it. On our walking and cycling holidays you will discover flower filled hamlets where colourful fiestas capture the imagination, and scented meadows burgeoning with figs, blackberries, almonds and plum trees, and panoramic mountain top vistas across valleys studded with olive groves and terraces

No other Spanish region conjures up the same alluring mixture of romance and beauty as Andalucia. White-washed hamlets and orange groves scented with almond blossom perfectly complement Moorish cathedrals and elegant Baroque plazas lined with chattering tapas bars.

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