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Activity holidays in Portugal

The history of Portugal and her cultural influences is as rich as her natural landscape is diverse and a holiday in Portugal, or on one of her islands, offers much more than just lounging by the pool!

Once a great empire, colonising large parts of Africa, China, America and Malaysia, it's a fascinating place for gentle exploring on an activity holiday. In Portugal, Madeira and The Azores our selection of walking holidays and cycling holidays let you discover magnificent Baroque buildings and gilded altar carvings, exotic fruits and Oriental spices, and stunning natural vistas.

On the Portuguese mainland you dip into the historical wealth and the natural splendour of a country whose identity has been shaped by the Romans, the Moors and by her conquests of other nations and continents. A country split by the majestic Montanhas and the Serra da Estrela, a natural divide between the humid Atlantic North and the dry Mediterranean South. Madeira and The Azores offer stunning natural beauty, magnificent coastal and mountain scenery with exotic flowers and rare birds of prey on view at every step.

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