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Activity holidays in Turkey

Turkey is a vast and varied country boasting incredible landscapes bordered by four different seas.

Today's Turkey is Asia Minor, a fertile, favoured land fought over throughout Classical times. Ancient monuments are scattered about is a seemingly unregarded profusion. You can find the cities of King Croesus and the engagingly decadent Lydian people, and the arial tombs and rock-carved monuments of the Lycians.

Our holidays in Turkey allow you to delve deep into this fascinating land. You'll see remains of great civilisations swept away by the Scythians and Assyrians long before Alexander crossed the Hellespont in 334BC and brought Turkey into the Hellenistic world. You'll find how five hundred years of later Roman rule left an indelible mark on the country, and how the founding of Constantinople in the 4C finally put an end to one and a half millennia of civilised life in Turkey. And you'll savour the stunning views of craggy limestone cliffs, wide sandy beaches and warm azure seas.

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