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Everyone who goes on a Headwater holiday will be emailed a link to our post-holiday questionnaire where they can give us an honest assessment of all aspects of their holiday - everything from how quickly we answer the phone to how clean the hotels were - plus an overall rating and comments about their holiday.

Any feedback collected is posted to our website, so that people can make an informed decision based on past experiences before heading off on holiday. We don’t edit the reviews, the only thing we do is proofread them and alter any typos, where necessary, to ensure they are easy to read for everyone. All reviews will be published (except in certain extreme circumstances), and a member of the Headwater team will respond to any constructive criticisms/comments under the reviews, at their discretion. So, for the real tales, twists and turns of our holidays, look no further than the reviews from our previous travellers.

Mrs Mcgivern
Cycling the Oslofjord

Nice cycling trip through pleasant scenery along the fjord and also through farmlands. Undulating terrain and a variety of different paths and road surfaces. The mojority of the route is on good bike paths or quiet roads but there are some very bumpy, stony and gravelly forrest paths etc which are difficult to cycle on. The towns and hotels get better and more picturesque as you go on. The boat trips are lovely.

Mrs Cunningham
Discover the Oslofjord by bike

We enjoyed our trip to Norway immensely and seeing it by bike and ferry was the best way to get a good feel for the country. The people were very welcoming and kind. The countryside was beautiful with rolling hills, open fields, sea views and beaches. The ferry rides were fun and the scenery from the fjord is stunning. Food and drink are eye-wateringly expensive but of high quality, particularly the fish and seafood. It's surprisingly how quickly you get used to paying £12-£15 for a small glass of wine! The only negative is that we were allocated very small rooms in every hotel bar one. The Thon in Horten was particularly bad as the two of us couldn't move around the room at the same time and we had to take it in turns to open our suitcases. We felt we'd been given poor quality rooms compared to others available. The breakfasts were fabulous in each hotel though, with lovely dining areas and top notch food. The bikes were new with 24 gears, well suited to the challenge of the occasional steep hill. I can highly recommend using the GPS system - it was accurate and easy to follow. On the odd occasion we went astray, it made it very easy to get back on track again.

Mr Ronayne
Cycling the Oslofjord

An extremely pleasant maritime cycle trip for even relatively un-practised cyclists and an opportunity to explore a lovely, unspoilt part of Scandinavia.

Mrs Walsh
Cycling the Oslofjord

It was a lovely way to experience Norway for the first time. The holiday was well organised and the cycling was very enjoyable and the right length of cycling each day. There were lots of opportunities to swim and visit places of interest. We were pleased to have added extra days in Oslo and plenty to see and do there e.g. visiting the Viking Museum after passing several burial mounds (in which the boats were buried) en route. A very different experience to Continental Europe, very clean and open. Prices for food and drink were very high but we were aware that was to be expected.

Mrs Sherston
Cycling the Oslofjord

Excellent way of sight-seeking. Well organised tour with comfortable bikes. Routes could be updated more regularly.

Mr Gray
Cycling the Oslofjord

Mile after mile of beautifully maintained cycle paths or forest paths. Not a pothole in sight and very courteous car and truck drivers. What's not to like

Mrs Laing
Cycling the Oslofjord

Expensive and hard cycling however the food is wonderful and so are the people .