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Customer reviews: Germany walking holidays

Everyone who goes on a Headwater holiday will be emailed a link to our post-holiday questionnaire where they can give us an honest assessment of all aspects of their holiday - everything from how quickly we answer the phone to how clean the hotels were - plus an overall rating and comments about their holiday.

Any feedback collected is posted to our website, so that people can make an informed decision based on past experiences before heading off on holiday. We don’t edit the reviews, the only thing we do is proofread them and alter any typos, where necessary, to ensure they are easy to read for everyone. All reviews will be published (except in certain extreme circumstances), and a member of the Headwater team will respond to any constructive criticisms/comments under the reviews, at their discretion. So, for the real tales, twists and turns of our holidays, look no further than the reviews from our previous travellers.

This was a fabulous hiking holiday with great walks, lovely hotels and fantastic buffet breakfasts. This was our first self guided holiday and and I would definitely do one again as it provides an extra degree of freedom and independence. I’m not sure if the written walking guides were written by someone who speaks English as a first language as some of the instructions were ambivalent to say the least - especially at the start and ends of walks. We met two other people on the same holiday via Eurohike who also experienced some difficulty. For example the first days walk was stipulated as 18 km whereas by the time we finished it was 26 km!! Also landmarks had changed and that makes me wonder whether they generally need updating. We were also issues with a wrong return train ticket which if I had not checked could have caused us a problem returning to Munich. Notwithstanding this, we had an amazing time and Headwater we’re quick to respond to my questions prior and during the holiday.