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Travel Photos

Photographs are the perfect way to record and remember your travels, and taking the perfect shot takes the sort of dedication that most of us don’t have the time for. Lucky then, that some people who are brilliant at it are  happy to share their travels and expertise.


Finding the right travel shot to represent a holiday is a tricky business.
It is as hard to find photos that really tell a story, or which are genuinely striking as it is to take them in the first place.  Unsurprisingly the majority of really good shots you have to pay quite a lot for, but it is important to find them, as one picture can tell you more about a holiday destination than ten pages full of poetic description.
Taking trips abroad for work, it is easy to take 300 photos and end up with 2 or even none that are of publishable standard, so it is important to dig them up from tourist boards, individual hotels and increasingly, from clients who are happy to send in shots after they have returned home, and from internet sites that allow photo sharing.

10,000  is an online media site that has put together a list of 30 of their favourite photo blogs. It really is quite amazing how many varieties of photoblog there are!
A different site with some fantastic shots purely dedicated to travel is Travelphoto, where other travel photographers can upload their own favourite shots into an online gallery. It really is worth having a look if you fancy being inspired, or even just looking for a new screensaver, and the site includes advice for taking your own perfect travel shots.

Curious facts and quotes

Photography is derived from the Greek words ‘photos’ meaning light, and ‘graphein’, meaning to draw. It was first used by the scientist Sir John FW Herschel in 1839.

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are just good photographs”.
Ansel Adams