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Davos Positivity

The World Economic Forum has been taking place this week in Davos, Switzerland.
It usually makes the headlines a bit more than it has done this week, though according to pundits quite a few big hitters have stayed at home crying into their spreadsheets, with the attendees wandering from seminar to seminar trying to remain positive.


On the BBC ‘Today’ programme this morning (topical daily news show if you’re not UK based, listen here), Evan Davis was talking to Benjamin Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and general management guru extraordinaire. Mr Zander led a session on ‘Managing Complexity’,   (something lots of people deserve awards for here at Headwater), and he pointed out that a crisis like the economic one at the moment, according to the Chinese, was a coming together of danger with opportunity. He made it sound almost desirable. Emphasising positive attitudes, he used the song Happy Birthday To You as an example of how you can react to any given situation – watch it here. And he even finished his talk by selecting a delegate whose birthday it was and having everyone else sing Happy Birthday to them, uniting everyone from the four corners of the globe with just one song. Well hats off to Benjamin – at least he’s staying upbeat.

It is difficult not to feel positive in Davos , and it is no surprise to us that this tiny and very beautiful Swiss village high in the Alps has managed to retain the Word Economic Forum year after year. Hotels are superb – especially the Meierhof that we use for our summer and winter holidays. In fact, Mr and Mrs Clare told us in 2008,  ‘The Hotel Meierhof  gave us probably the best experience we have ever had – we received nothing but excellent, caring service, and the meals were something to look forward to every day’.
Add to this you are surrounded by magnificent scenery, where the walking and skiing routes are just blissful.

Curious Quotes

“Nobody can earn a million dollars honestly”.
William Jennings Bryan

“It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating”.
Oscar Wilde