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Using Tourist Association Websites – Austria Example

Individual countries are going to be competing harder than ever this year to try to secure the cash you are planning to spend on your holiday, and as tourist dollars and euros are going to be in shorter supply than last year, every booking will count in 2009.

The Spanish Government recognised this early and in November 2008 they hosted 45 travel representatives from around the world – all of whom sold holidays to Spain – at the Intur Trade Fair in Valladolid. The aim was to fly tour operators in to make contacts so we would all create more holidays for 2009 that will  boost Spain’s tourist revenues.

While this sort of investment undoubtedly helps to increase tourist numbers through tour operator and business contacts, there are many people out there doing an increasing amount of DIY holidaymaking and who tailormake their own trips. In order to make the most of this increasing pool of confident, internet savvy holidaymakers it is critical that every country has a presentable, easily navigable and above all, helpful introductory website to give people the information they require.

While it is impossible to be everything to everyone, a great example of this one stop shop is the Austrian Tourist Board Website. In addition to the enormous amount of information on the site, thay also provide free phone number for anyone in the UK to call who is looking for information on – well, anything in Austria. That’s great service.

A lovely image of Wetterstein in Austria

A lovely image of Wetterstein in Austria

If you have any other favourites feel free to comment, and if you fancy diving into a cooling freshwater lake during a sizzling summer in Austria this year have a look at our ever popular Austrian Lakes Holiday where you can also have extra nights in Salzburg, or enjoy cycling down the blue Danube on our Passau to Vienna Tour that finishes in glorious Vienna. (For a musical interlude, you can listen to The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss here).

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