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Excellent news – in a recent survey by the Post Office published in the Times of the cheapest holiday destinations, Headwater have holidays in three of the top five, and six out of the top 10!
Thank goodness for exchange rates that actually work in your favour – they seem so few and far between these days.

Delightful Dubrovnik (Photo: Mike McHolm/Flickr)

Delightful Dubrovnik (Photo: Mike McHolm/Flickr)

Hungary came out top of the list for value – while much is included on our walking tour in the Bukk National Park region of the country, you can still chill out in increasingly chic Budapest where evening meals in even the best restaurants are great value.
The Czech Republic comes in at the second cheapest destination, where our two new Cycling Holidays cover the up and coming regions of Moravia and Bohemia. South Africa also makes it into the top 5 with the Rand currently at 14.6 to the £1, so any souvenir shopping or meals out on extra nights will be extra enjoyable.
The other three destinations that we cover in the top 10 for value were Turkey – outside the eurozone so unaffected by the sterling/euro changes, Croatia which is absolutely beautiful in the springtime, and finally Spain
still makes it into the top 10 cheapest destinations despite the strength of the euro.

Curious facts and quotes

The Adriatic coast of Croatia has one of the most indented coastlines in Europe and boasts  1,185 islands and islets, of which only 66 are inhabited.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”.
Robert Brault (US Poet)