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What to pack for your cross-country skiing trip

By Chris Payne, Headwater customer In my previous blog I explained why I have been returning to Venabu for cross-country skiing for 14 years, and how a typical day looks. In this follow-up, I thought it would be useful to list what I take with me. After years of trying, my current solution for keeping […]

Cross-country skiing in Venabu – why we’ve been returning for 14 years

By Chris Payne, Headwater customer My first real cross-country skiing experience was around my 60th birthday back in 2004 at Venabu. Since that date I have done 30 weeks of Nordic skiing, most of it at Venabu, but also including Kandersteg, Leutasch and Saariselka. As a skier I am competent, but not expert – I […]