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50 Golden Brands

Branding is such an integral part of daily life these days that it is easy to think you barely notice them. Entire forests have been lost and turned into paper for the reams and reams of analysis done by large companies to figure out positive or negative effects on consumers of pictures, cartoon characters, fonts and colours that make up a company brand and logo.

Guess who? Photo: Ende/Flickr

Guess who? Photo: Ende/Flickr

The most successful brands become a part of our lives and part of the furniture of the British (or global) marketing landscape, and ad agencies are forever looking for new angles to catch our attention, keep the brand ‘fresh’, and nudge us in the direction of their own products.

The Marketing Society’s website 50 Golden Brands has selected a winning brand and TV advert for every one of the last 50 years, and you can vote to agree or disagree with their choice. Watching some of the adverts is an amazing trip down memory lane that’s for sure, from a youthful Twiggy jumping into a Mini in 1959 to the famous Hovis ad in 1974.

Despite holidays being high up on the annual ‘must have’ list of most people in the UK, it is interesting that none of the brands chosen are for holiday firms. To remedy this, here’s an old Thomson Holidays advert from the early 1980s that will take you back a bit!

Curious facts and quotes

The Hovis advert was directed by Ridley Scott, now of Hollywood fame, who has directed Alien, Thelma and Louise and Gladiator.

“I am willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong”.
Sam Goldwyn