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5 Deliciously Different Dishes and Drinks To Try in Madeira

Blessed with lush greenery, black beaches, natural volcanic pools and Mediterranean climates year-round, many may not know that the Portuguese island of Madeira is also home to some of Europe’s most diverse, mouth-watering cuisine. Located a stone’s throw away from Porto Santo and the Desertas Islands, you’ll soon find that Madeira is the ultimate paradise […]

Celebrate Bastille Day in style
with these 5 French holidays

On the 14th of July, France will be alive with dancing and fireworks as the country celebrates Bastille Day. Now a national holiday, Bastille Day, commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789, a day when Parisian revolutionaries attacked this royal fortress, releasing its prisoners and symbolising an end to the tyranny of the Bourbon […]