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Florence: Origins of the Artistic Renaissance

Italo Marcioni gave us the ice-cream cone, an anonymous Italian monk gave us the pretzel and the city of Florence gave us the Renaissance. If asked to order these events by significance, most people would put the Renaissance last, such is the depth of Italian brilliance when it comes to inventing. The Renaissance was, however, […]

City Roots – Unique Gardens Around the World

In the perpetual whirl of modern city living, it’s easy to forget what was here before. When life finds itself locked in a continuous work-pub-home cycle, the hours spent in noisy, polluted transition often consumes all the time that could be spent in quiet and blissful nature. The gardens of the world’s metropolises may be […]

A Beginner’s Guide to E-bikes

Whether it’s powering through the wild Scottish Highlands or exploring quaint Catalan villages, cycling is a great way to get around. Out in the fresh air, cruising at the perfect speed, you feel like there’s nowhere you and your trusty steed can’t go. Until, that is, you hit that stubborn hill or killer extra mile. […]