Relaxed activity holidays with Headwater

Activity holidays

You can be as active, or not, as you like on a Headwater activity holiday. There's a great range to choose from: guided walking and independent walking, independent cycling and canoeing.

During the winter there are walking, cycling and snow holidays to choose from and, all year round, you can enjoy a short break in one of our hand-picked hotels.

Relaxed activity holidays

On some of our activity holidays you move from hotel-to-hotel (using our detailed route notes and maps while we move your bags), on others you'll stay at just one base for your entire stay. Whichever relaxed activity holiday you choose you'll discover more about the people, customs, history, culture and natural beauty than you ever could by yourself.

So many wonderful experiences to discover

What you'll see...

Across the range of Headwater's relaxed activity holidays there's not much you can't get to see: Fascinating flora and fauna on Gozo, Madeira and the the Azores, colourful birds and wildlife in Costa Rica, Bermuda, the French Caribbean and the Galapagos, amazing historic villages throughout France and Spain or the classical treasures of Italy.

Travelling at a slower pace, you'll really be able to appreciate the curiosities and splendours that make each of our holidays so interesting, so diverse, so stimulating.

What you'll smell...

Nothing compares with the heady scent of lavender, herbs and wild flowers that cloak the hillsides of the Mediterranean or the wonderfully aromatic spices of Africa & The Middle East: cumin, harissa, saffron, cinnamon.

What you'll hear...

From thundering waterfalls in Switzerland and Slovenia to the gurgling river valleys of Austria and Croatia, and from lively street markets in Portugal to the elegant piazzas and 'ladies who lunch' in Italy. Soaking up the local atmosphere is a key part of all our activity holidays.

Fantastic food and wine await

What you'll taste...

Fine food and great wines are fundamental to our activity holidays. There are special gastronomic tours available in France and Italy.So, wherever you travel, you can be sure that you'll have the chance to sample the very best of what's on offer. It's that simple!

What you'll touch...

All our activity holidays are about really getting under the skin of the place you're visiting, and really getting a feel for the local people, their history and customs. We've done our best to see that your holidays are full or interesting experiences... Then, we leave it up to you to enjoy them. It's like us providing the paint and canvas for you to paint your own picture!

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