We believe that the level of detail, and accuracy of information, that we provide, both before and during your holiday, far outweighs anything else on the market. For all our self-guided holidays you'll receive a local information booklet, detailed route notes and high-quality maps.


Typically, we spend up to six weeks researching the best routes for a new holiday and every mile is walked, cycled or canoed by a senior Headwater researcher before it appears in our programme. Once up and running, the work doesn't stop though, as our reps and guides carry out weekly checks of virtually every holiday to make sure that all aspects are as described, or better. Only by constantly monitoring routes in this way, can we guarantee that there will be no unexpected surprises (such as fallen trees, blocked paths, closed restaurants, etc) and that you will enjoy a hassle-free holiday in a way you never could if you were to DIY.

The information we provide before you travel (typically a month before departure) is split into three distinct types:

Maps - Everyone booking a Headwater holiday receives a comprehensive selection of maps relating to their specific holiday. Generally, these will be 1:25,000 for walkers, 1:100,000 for cycling and canoeing customers. Some holidays require just one map, others can need five or more, depending on the routes we have created. You can study these highly detailed maps in the comfort of your own home, or wait until you are out in your holiday region where our staff will go through every stage of the route with you.

Route notes - Headwater's route notes are the fool-proof way of making sure that you won't get lost during your time with us! Each section of every day is broken down into manageable easy-to-digest paragraphs, written in unambiguous language that has been triple-checked for clarity. We also provide accompanying sketch maps showing the best view points, the finest picnic spots, the most interesting sights - even where to find the cleanest loos!

Regional notes - Our regional notes booklets provide invaluable information on the local area - including culture and customs, art and history, nature and wildlife - as well as specific details relating to your hotels, activity and travel choices. Researched, written and produced in-house, these booklets are constantly being up-dated with new content and fresh information.

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