Why travel with Headwater?

Responsible tourism

We work closely with our suppliers and overseas partners to actively encourage them to act responsibly, right from the earliest stages of planning a tour, through to delivering your holiday when you arrive.

What we do overseas

  • We encourage hoteliers to recycle wherever possible and we look to work with accommodations who have an eco-policy
  • We support hoteliers who cultivate their own fruit, vegetables, wine, meat, oils, etc. Many of our hoteliers are part of farming communities that have lived off the land for centuries so their menus are based on fresh, home-grown produce requiring little or no transportation
  • We suggest that hoteliers adopt water saving policies - showers instead of baths; towels not replaced daily, etc
  • We advise hoteliers to replace traditional light bulbs with energy efficient ones - typically 75% more efficient
  • All our guides/reps' polo shirts are produced with organic cotton, Fair Trade & Climate Neutral - certified by the Soil Association, Fair Wear Foundation & the Carbon Trust.
  • All our vehicles are kept in tip-top condition and maintained to manufactures specifications to reduce fuel consumption.
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