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Activity holidays in Morocco

Morocco is said to be like the desert palm - rooted in Africa, watered by Islam and rustled by the winds of Europe. Its sheer mystery has acted as a lure for centuries. A holiday in Morocco really is an unforgettable experience.

Nearer to Britain even than the southern European countries, Morocco is exotic, thrilling, different. The haunting sound of the muezzin, the musty smell of thuja wood boxes in the souks, valleys full of roses, tree-climbing goats, and desert foxes with their bat-like ears, are some of the enduring impressions you'll take home with you after a holiday in Morocco.

The culture, climate and landscape have been shaped by contrasting influences. Between the Mediterranean coast, Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara Desert there are plains, rocky mountains and oasis villages. Temperatures can vary dramatically - often in the same day. Yet some things remain constant. The sun is always shining somewhere. The lifestyle is anarchic but addictive. The scenery and architecture are spellbinding. And there's always a bargain to be struck! An activity holiday in Morocco will enable you to savour the finer details... you'll never forget the aroma of mint tea, the sound of a hidden waterfall and the soaring flight of an eagle.

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