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Winter snow holidays

Winter walking holidays

Winter walking holidays

Winter walking can mean bright sunshine, crisp clean air and spectacular mountain scenery! It's the perfect choice for those seeking adventure, but not tempted by cross-country skiing or snowshoeing options. The emphasis of our winter walking holidays is on gentle walking at a relaxed pace, with almost all the walks on well marked paths and pretty forest trails, most of which are cleared after a fresh snowfall.

One of the main reasons people love winter walking is that it's so easy to get the hang of - anyone who's ever donned a pair of summer walking boots can pick it up straight away: no special lessons, great sense of balance or special clothes required! You walk along specially prepared paths flattened by a machine, so there is no risk of suddenly finding yourself knee-deep in a snowdrift - or of losing your way, either. If you're worried about skiers whizzing past you every few minutes, rest assured that these paths are usually separate to the cross-country ski trails, and certainly well away from any downhill pistes.

While there may be some walking on unprepared snow, no specialist equipment is necessary and your winter walking boots will be more than sufficient. If you wish to bring along your gaiters then please do, however they will by no means be necessary. On our guided walking holidays walking poles will be provided. Regarding clothes, just your normal waterproof walking boots, a hat, gloves, winter-weight walking trousers (perhaps with some long johns underneath if you're worried about feeling the cold, though you should find that you generate quite a bit of heat once you get started), and several layers on your top half that you can peel off or pile back on as you go along.

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