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To help you choose a holiday that best suits your level of fitness all our cycling holidays are graded.

On the individual holiday pages (and in our brochure) you'll see that we've marked each tour from 1 to 2+ using 'crests' so that you know what level of activities to expect. You can also search for your required activity level in our holiday finder too.

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Our bike ratings explained

'Level 1' cycling holidays

Mainly flat, gentle routes with the occasional short climbs and freewheel descents! On average, you should expect to be cycling for 2-4 hours on each cycling day leaving lots of time to explore at leisure, relax by the pool, etc. A great choice for first timers, families with children or anyone who hasn't ridden a bike in years.
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'Level 2' cycling holidays

More varied cycling terrain which will appeal to the fair-weather cyclist, or to more active riders looking for a relaxed trip. No special technical skills are required.
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+ ratings

You’ll also notice a '+' symbol on a few itineraries, this is just letting you know that some small sections of the route will be slightly more challenging than the overall grading. So for example, our Classic Chianti Cycling holiday is '2+' rating meaning overall it’s classified as a 'level 2' holiday but will have small sections that are more demanding.

Electric bikes

If you'd like to tackle one of our higher level holidays, but are nevous about your abilities, why not consider an electric bike? Electric bikes provide all the benefits of a normal bike - gentle exercise, fresh open air, no experience needed, interaction with nature and other cyclists - PLUS they have the added bonus of making light work of longer rides with the occasional climb and uphill section!
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